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Molasses flush?


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Can anyone give me some info on flushing with molasses? I have done a couple of searches on this forum, but have not come up with much info. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



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I used molasses every other week during flowering and flushed with water.....
I can't add much to answer your question.


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I use molasses every feeding until finish with great results. Its more to feed the beneficial bacteria in the soil. I also do worm casting tea's and brew it for a couple days with molasses to feed the bacteria. It is great for soil grows and definitely a must. During flush I use straight water and a lil bit of molasses. It also sweetens up the taste a bit in the buds. Hope that helps


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One or two tablespoons a gallon is what i've read on site. For fun on my current grow i used 3+ tbsp and its amazing what it does, its the cheapest thing i give them and pays of the most.


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i dont flush w/ molasses. as it is used as a good nutient.
i use agave nectar and bud candy on the final weeks and flush w/ ro water for a week. you can add molasses before flushing.
the strain will be naturally flavored. theres only so much you can do to sweeten a plant by adding sweetner during flush. it depends on the strain and how it was grown during flowering budding. low humidity = sticky buds. flushing is mostly to flush out as much crap as you can from nutrients. i have flushed w/ vitamin water. but it made no difference to the taste. flush and dehumidify is all i can think of.
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