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Mylar for a cheap reflective material


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I'm looking for a cheap reflective material to help get more light to my plant , Im thinking of buying Mylar from amazon........Amazon.com: Mylar Reflective Material, 25 feet: Patio, Lawn & Garden <----(is cheaper and 1m thick).......(is $6 more but 2m thick----->)
Amazon.com: Reflective Mylar Roll 25 Feet Long: Patio, Lawn & Garden

What I'm asking is should I buy Mylar, does it matter which one I buy like does that 2mil end up making a difference . Or should I go to target or walmart and look for something.

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What is the size of space you are covering?
The thicker the better. When you have to clean and move things around it will last longer.
You can paint white but if you want the best for lights you are looking in the right place.


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1 ml thick milar is too thin, and extremely difficult to get mirror flat on a surface without wrinkles. It's meant to be applied to flat surfaces. Keep in mind it's thin and it's not meant for light proofing by itself. I prefer black and white poly but it's less reflective. I would look for ORCA Grow film, I've never used it but it looks amazing and it's pretty thick. If you want mylar still, look into the diamond diffuse pattern.
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