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I am hoping that this group can provide some answers that I am unable to find elsewhere. I am making my own canna oil capsules to help treat chronic lower back pain. Decarboxilation? Can it be achieved by simply drying the ground bud completely or is external heat necessary to complete the transformation? I live in an area of very low humidity and natural drying of plant material is a very real possibility. Thoughts? Also, is there a place on this forum that focuses on making edibles i.e. Recipes, techniques, etc?


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SweetSue's Cannabis Oil Study Hall. That is the best place for info on canna oil. Just say hi and ask away. They are super nice people. Edibles I'm not sure if there is a dedicated thread but many many people here would love to share recipes. Including me [emoji2] . Welcome to the community, you're in the right place. [emoji111]


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I'd guess it to be a case of a fair bit of heat and a little time - or no heat to speak of and a lot of time. I've looked at lots of lab analysis reports that breeders post these days, and many of them showed results both before and after decarboxylation. The ones that did, there was generally some THC in addition to the non-decarboxylated THCA, even though no significant heat had been applied yet - but the amount of THC listed prior to decarboxylation was very small, only a tiny fraction of what was found afterwards. Also, I've seen reports that applying heat (but lower amounts) for several hours can do this. But IDK how effective it is in comparison to more heat for a shorter time.

I suspect that a good long cure would convert some THCA to THC, but that's merely a guess. Take my opinions and guesses on this subject as exactly that, lol, because I'm still learning. As Bloodguy mentioned, SweetSue knows a lot about it - and many other people who do also read and post in her threads.

BtW, Fredly, welcome to 420Magazine.com - the most comprehensive (and friendliest) cannabis-awareness forum on the Internet.
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