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once again I ask the experts


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I have been taking everyone's advice and researching the hell out of my first indoor grow. I am going with a 5x5 tent with all the bells and whistles....My question today is....what is a good brand of 600 watt grow light system with a cool tube.....with the best bulbs...best coverage etc.....I am sure there are several.....would like to stay in the 300.00 range if possible. Thanks in advance.....


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Check the sponsor page my friend (link in my SIG) lots of great companies to choose from and you just have to pick the lights that fit your price.

420 is only sponsored by good brands!

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I would chose a reflector with a dimpled/hammered finish as this produces better light reflection over a smooth metal finish which may cause hot spots !

In a tent that size you are more than likely looking at a giant/large hood to provide suitable light coverage than the normal/standard size reflectors !

Bulb wise... well cheap bulbs are cheap for a reason :thumb:

devils letuce

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i would go with a hotilux super hps bulb 400w . it pricey but worth it .

look at the yield master II supreme air cooled hood . it has a hammered finish and i have had great results with it . and u can find them for $100 or less

the also make an xxl reflector but that damn thing is expensive .
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