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Open Request to Our Cannabis Seed Sponsors for Viable Hemp Seed


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Dear Cannabis Seed Sponsors,

Now that hemp has become legal to grow in many states, a problem remains of obtaining viable hemp seeds for agriculture and horticulture research. The only way to obtain hemp seed in my area is to buy in bulk from Chinese sources. Bulk packages are more likely to be seized by federal law enforcement and is too much seed for individual research projects. Researchers need to go through a long process of suing our federal government agencies to release seized seeds. This process gets in the way of university level research projects as students and faculty have limited time to work on thesis projects. Additionally, law enforcement may damage seeds through improper storage and manhandling.

Please consider carrying viable hemp seed so researchers can obtain these precious seeds for small scale research projects in a more time and cost efficient venue.

Best regards:thanks:


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Out of curiosity, what uses for hemp would we have in normal daily life at home?

I'd consider growing some myself if I had a use for it.
For home:
Yummy, fat nutritional sprouts in 3-5 days from seeds for salads, sandwiches and stir fries.
CBD extracts.
Homemade lotions, salves, soaps.

Agricultural scale:
High strength building materials
High conductivity graphene substitute for super conductors

I would prefer buying viable seed for human consumption locally as Chinese seed may not be fit for human consumption. Chinese may be good for crops and research, but not so good for sprouting as there are no guarantees that the seeds are free of harmful contaminants like e. coli bacteria.

But right now, I am more interested in agricultural research and CBD extracts.


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Cannabelle, last winter I ordered about a pound of hemp seed from a small herb shop in Finland. It shipped successfully and the seed is viable. It is a seed variety called Finola. I have grown it out a few times and Finola is impressive in a number of ways. It is not a fiber type, weak stems and not tall but it grows very fast once it gets going. I don't know the CBD content but, as a tincture, it works better to control my epileptic seizures than the usual high THC types.

I wouldn't turn my nose up at a Chinese variety. Likely it grows tall with strong fiber stems and perhaps large seeded. I'd like to get my hands on some Chinese to try out. I still have several thousand Finola seeds left.


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I'm okay with Chinese hemp seed, but direct from China, those seeds should not be used directly for human consumption like making sprouts. Foreign seed should be grown and harvested.

Here is what peaks my interest in hemp CBD content:
Cannabidiol (CBD) is the main non-psychotropic phytocannabinoid present in the Cannabis sativa plant, constituting up to 40 per cent of its extract.
Source: Multiple mechanisms involved in the large-spectrum therapeutic potential of cannabidiol in psychiatric disorders
CBDs have been dramatically lowered in recreational sativa strains (marihuana/marijuana) to focus on high THC content. That 40% extract from the 1960's studies might be coming from hemp sativa. In any case, hemp CBD content is worth investigating. I am attempting to track down the researchers whose studies keep getting cited to find out exactly what strain was being used and the exact extraction methodology.

Currently, I am using the high CBD indica dominant strain Blue Blood. I suffer from multiple mild seizures daily which are triggered by an auto immune disorder. The CBD and myrcene in Blue Blood dramatically lessen my seizure activity. In full swing, my mild seizures not only cause involuntary twitching but also involuntary vocalization.

In the U.S., viable hemp seed is still treated as a Class 1 drug even in legal states. Legal agri and university researchers still risk smuggling viable hemp seed.


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I got no problem with smuggled hemp seed. The worst that can happen is customs will steal them. At $15 a pound for seed that's not a big deal.

Sounds like we have the seizure thing in common although I would not describe mine as "mild."


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I will second that request for viable hemp seeds. Not entirely sure what I'd do with the plants, but in my mind I'm picturing a hedgerow. In all seriousness, I would like to be able to grow hemp for more seeds, to make cereal, ointments, personal hygiene stuff like shampoo and soap, and, if it ever gets legal like it ought to be (in other words, not regulated at all....it is hemp, and not marijuana, after all), to grow a constantly-renewing privacy fence out of it, lol. Could sell the fibers, or figure out a way to work them myself, and make rope, fiberglass-style mat and weave, fabric, etc.
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