Pax or Davinci IQ users: Looking for your feedback!

Highbrid Inno

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Hey vapers looking for feedback on an idea I've been working on. The idea came about as a way to solve common issues my buddies and I have had with the personal style portable vaporizers, mainly the Pax2,3 and Davinci IQ. I love both these devices but loading on the go, unloading, trying to refill with loose leaf while out, and the need to clean frequently were problems. My idea solves all these issues and more. With my idea you can pre-press shaped Vape Cakes for use immediately or stash'em for later use. They load and unload easily (no digging or scraping the inside of your Vape bowl anymore), provide instant re-load capability, & you get more, tastier hits. I will see if I can add some pics.
I use budKups for my Pax 2, They are awesome
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