V4L's SeedsMan Comparative Grow: Banana Jealousy 2024


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Thank you @SeedsMan for sponsoring this grow!

Welcome all! Let's go Bananas! With @SeedsMan Banana Jealousy! ! Here is my set up info...

Strain: Banana Jealousy Photo Fems, from site sponsor @SeedsMan
Genetic Makeup: Hybrid, Banana Cream X Jealousy X Gelato 41
Pot/Bucket Size: 20 gallon fabric
Tent Size: 34” x 42”
Grow Space: 6' x 10' lung room
How Many Plants: 4
Environment: Indoor
Stage: seed to harvest
Grow medium: Living Organic Soil
Lights: 520 Watts LED, HLG Quantum boards, dimmable
Nutrients: Organic amendments, BAS Craft Blend
Room/Tent Temperature: 78°
Relative Humidity: 65%
Media/Res PH: 7
IPM: Site sponsor @Sierra Natural Science SNS-209
IPM: Mosquito Bits
Mycorrhizae Fungi: Site sponsor @DYNOMYCO
Water: Reverse Osmosis
Watering: Once Daily seedling stage, 1-2 times per week Veg, 1-2 times per week or more flower stage. I will also be using Actively Aerated Compost Tea (AACT) & Seed sprout tea (SST)
Tent exhaust: 6” variable speed
Lung room exhaust: 8” AC Infinity with controller, 8” x 24” Can-Lite carbon filter
Air intake: 20” x 30” Passive filtered air intake in Lung room.
Fans in Tent: 2 - AC Infinity 6” oscillating fans, above canopy. 2 - 10” AC Infinity Axial 2589 muffin fans with speed controller, below canopy.


Banana Jealousy is a three-way hybrid cross of Banana Cream, Jealousy and Gelato 41 strains. This is a high-yielding strain that is relatively easy to grow such that even complete novices can have great success with it in all environments.
Banana Jealousy plants grow tall and can exceed 200cm. in height, especially when grown outdoors. Indoors, flowering takes between 8 - 10 weeks with high production between 450 - 600 gr/m2. Outdoors, or in a greenhouse, each plant can produce up to 750 gr. in ideal conditions. Suitable climates for outdoor cultivation include temperate, warm and hot regions. Northern hemisphere harvests will be ready in late September / early October while those in the southern hemisphere should be ready to harvest in March. While resistance to mould is fairly high these plants are very loud and indoor growers are advised to use good carbon air filters.
Plants produce plenty of resin and are therefore excellent for extract production. Growers can expect fruity scents and flavours (sweet, banana, Skunk) with THC levels of up to 28% while CBD is low at less than 1%, making this a very potent strain.
Good morning fellow Gromies!

I dropped four seeds in some RO water on Monday night, after a 12 hour soak, yesterday morning I put them between wet paper towels and put them in a baggie. This morning I put them into solo cups containing Living organic soil, each cup I mixed 1 teaspoon of @DYNOMYCO . I also added approximately 1/3 teaspoon of @DYNOMYCO below each seedling. I covered each cup with a baggie. Now we wait for the magic to happen!


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