PH meter cleaning

do use any type of storage fluid ? anything at home u can use ?

The packaging says to store the ph meter wet with a ph "storage" solution, and the tds meter stored dry. There is a calibration solution and a storage solution. You can use some of your calibration solution to wet the sponge inside the cap of your Ph meter. I don't always store mine wet, but I do calibrate mine more often than i see/read others do. I know some,that store both dry with no ill effects. If the probe is visually dirty,it should be cleaned as build-up could interfere with the accuracy. Tap water works if nothing else is available. Hope this helps.
If they dry they die. Just the nature of their construct. Cleaning is as simple as stated above. Never store in reverse osmosis water as it will destroy the sensor. Clean regularly. Always store in appropriate storage solution. Again, if it dries it dies.
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