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Plant for the first time in Wardrobe


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Indoor material
Space size 2*3*4
7 27W CFL
8 inches of electric fans
Have not used any fertilizer at present
Temperature 27-31
Humidity 35-40

Please give me some professional opinions

These photos From the seed on the fourth day

If need to improve

Now There are some questions

How often does the need water

If humidity needs increasing How to improve

Is it correct that is it female to put the increase of banana?

Thank you for your response
I will improve
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With CFL's you dont have to worry about foil too much. Mylar is a much better reflector though. If you use Foil, use the non-shiny side toward the plants, or just plain flat white paint.

Wow, Thanks Boss, things have changed :30:


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You will want to cover the crack in the door. If there is any way for light to leak into the wardrobe, you can end up with hermies.


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So You mean It is in the Is on the present one light can Israel
But paper want, can change with light and distance of plant all right?
I do not know how long to supply water
Give seed
sorry my english not good >"<

i am come from Asia


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It's called wet/dry. Water the plant until you get a small amount coming from the drainage holes. Do not water again until the plant is almost completely dry. (Check by weight or by meter, or stick your finger a few inches in adn see if it's damp. If it is wait another day.


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nice work with the light rig. you might wat to create some type of reflector to go over it and help angle the light in the right direction you can make one out of cardbord and aluminum foil.
fresh air is key
good start :peace:


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At first Thank everybody for everybody's response
Answer my question
Everybody's trouble that the new hand let
I decide to transform my space
After transforming


Can space after transforming like this could you tell me in Israel

Come to say normally
Probably how long does it take to need water for the baby

My space

Temperature 30.C
Humidity 35-40

Do I need the ventilation facilities now? Except electric fan

I have found a kind of Heating mat

It can be in 25-40 degrees with the constant temperature

I consider, want, put when being cultivated in a pot

Heating Mat Size 50cm*50cm

it's ok?
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From the picture, I can't tell if your plant has sprouted yet. If it has, then there is really no need to use a heat mat. Raising the root zone temp. will aid in germination but otherwise is mainly used to help clones root, and at this point with no ventillation a heat mat may do more harm then good.

You will need a way to get fresh air into the box as well as stale air out of the box. The plants collect CO2 from the air, they breathe kind of like you and me. Besides wanting to remove the hot air from the box, you want to give them fresh air as well. Usually two fans are used for this, one bringing fresh CO2 rich air in and one bringing hot/stale air out.

You'll want to transplant to a pot that is NOT clear. The roots like the dark and the clear cup will slow their growth. Also, seal up any light leaks or cracks where you can see light coming out. You don't want people asking "why is your closet glowing?". :peace:


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At first Thank for
old _ skool
Deal with a lot of problems for me

This is installed by me, the result after improving
And the situation that the seed grows


Could you tell me seeding
Whether there needn't be too much water

It is the time to water that I am only non- clear now and water Quantity

Young seedling stage There needn't be too much water yield

Do not just need a large amount of water until growth period?

How long does it need keeping in usually young seedling stage
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At this stage just keep the lights close and keep the plant moist, not wet.

Therefore I now only need to give the plant the water not to need to
give the earth water? How long has to maintain? When starts only then
to need wet? At present already had starts to have two piece of small
leaves to have to appear me to need downward to adjust the light?
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