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Ok lets me start off by saying its my first time growing i did alot of research with growing outdoor marijuana i need help i first started off by purchasing 10 clones from the club im not sure what type of nutrients and fertilizer to use or even when to give it to the i first started off by putting the baby clones in 2 gallon buckets with some soil called -enriched compost soil- all purpose soil ive been watering them every other day please help with your expert opinion on what type of nutrints and fetillizer to buy for my babys i dont want them to die....................

Captain Kronic

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Oh boy... here we go :MoreNutes:

Lots of variables to the question of a nute regimen. First you need to decide what is your end goal, how involved you want to get, how deep your pockets are, are the plants going in or outdoor, organic, chemical, organic based ect ect ect...
Since you admittedly are somewhat new to growing MJ, I would suggest keeping it simple.

Last year I was on a really tight budget and used Age Old Grow, Liquid Karma and Botanicare Bloom... all cheap and ready to use out of the container, no 3 part mixing blah blah!

As w/most anyone else here, I can only offer you my opinion, that's all it is!

Here is a link that may help you figure out the pros and cons of some of the top nutes used pretty extensively, this does not cover homemade organics, just some of the better store bought ones :goodluck:

A top nutrient study - Which is the best? Produces most?


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Thanks alot captain kronic i appreciate the advice im goin to just keep it simple for my outdoor babys and take your advice on those nutes.

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Easy on the watering and nutrients. You're at more risk of drowning them and over feeding them then you are otherwise.

Clones need to develop their root structure and the soil drying out is what incentivizes them to stretch (grow) in search if water

If your leaves are clipped you may need to consider a humidity dome, or at least make sure they are in a high humidity environment

Nutes should be introduced slowly soas not to burn the babies. All brand name nuts come with feeding schedules.

I second the suggestion that you visit the "how to grow MJ" forum. Read, read, read ;)

Best wishes
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