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PLL lights need help with wiring


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Hi 420! Need help wiring up my new Philips HF-P ballast to a UK Mains supply, is it similar to wiring a pc fan to a mobile phone charger or is it more complex? I am fairly confident I can wire the lights to the ballast but really not sure how to wire the ballast to the mains.

Any help greatly appreciated!



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I am assuming when you say UK main you are talking about the main breaker panel in the United Kingdom aka England right?
Couple of quick questions for you. Were you planning on hard wiring the light or were you thinking of a cord and receptacle configuration?
Is the ballast rated for your voltage in the UK? I know that your voltage and Hertz are different then what we use in the USA.

I am not completely clear on what you are saying, are you saying that you will have to hard wire the lamp holder to the ballast? Most I have seen have a simple cord cap and receptacle configuration.
Pictures of what you have to work with would help me immensely. I am a licensed Journeyman electrician in the state of Oregon and while the UK has a different code then the USA (NEC) the basic principles are the same.


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Hi oldergrower and thank you for replying. By cord and receptacle you mean plug and socket? I want to wire them to a standard plug socket that I can then plug into a standard power outlet. The ballast is rated at 220-240v which matches my power supply from what I can tell. Unfortunately I can't seem to upload pics as I am only able to use my mobile phone which doesn't seem to have the options it points out in the pic upload tutorial but the ballast is Philips HF-P 255 pll electronic ballast and it didn't come with any wires or fittings and neither did the bulbs which are standard 55w pll lights.I have seen threads on other sites that show the setup I'm after but none of them went into details about wiring the ballast to the power supply.

Hope I gave the info you needed and cheers once again for taking the time to help a fellow grower


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Silly me trying to post pics through mobile website (facepalm) this is the ballast I have for anyone interested
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