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Read Everything and Still Don't Know What is Wrong :(

Chase Blade

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I am a first time legal grower of personal medical marijuana with a limit of 6 plants. So this spring i got a few clones from the medical marijuana supplier. I live in the country and am able to grow outside, but as soon as i put my clones outside they started blooming. My guy who sold them to me his advise was 'give it to the universe' which was not exactly the answer i was looking for but i did and got a small potent yield from the four clones :( now i am stuck trying to get 2 of those to reveg. Here is a picture of that sad failure.


This is not my main problem tho but any advise on this would be great.

This one is not my problem either but i would like to show my pride and joy. One i started from a seed from some medical grade, but i don't even know the strain. Please tell me she looks as beautiful as i think she does...


That is one plant growing horizontally. And off her (?) i managed somehow to get two clones.

My Littlest Girl-


And my Problem Child


with weird twisting leaves at the tip weak stems and wilting :(



Help my problem child. Please!

Chase Blade

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I water when the soil is dry 2 inches deep. But God has been deciding to water a bit more frequently. I have no clue about ph because i am like super poor and have no way to test.

Chase Blade

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Hey guys thanks for the suggestions but I am pretty sure this is not a watering problem. I live in the desert besides lots of sun, my plants are never exposed to any kind of harm from being outside. I took those pictures today when it was actively raining, something it never does here except on a very rare occasion. Two days ago if i had taken the pictures i am pretty sure you would have thought my plants problem was under watering just because of how dry the top soil gets fairly quick here. But 2 days ago this same problem was going on. And the water i use to water them with is straight from a natural water basin underground. It is the softest water possible. I am still pretty sure what ever their problem is, it is not water.

Yes i don't have any way to test the ph, and this might be the issue. I was thinking possibly nitrogen toxicity personally, but i stopped fertilizing over a week ago to make sure that was not it. It is only this one plant, and the bottom branches are fine. But the top has weak stems, weirdly deformed leaves and wilting. Dry or wet.

I am in no way going to consider digging up my plants which i am pretty sure would cause more trauma, was hoping for something like 'throw some coffee grounds on them they will be fine' :p Guess i am back to my guys solution to 'give it to the universe'.

Thanks for trying tho, maybe next year i will be able to invest a little more into them, but this year, if it isn't free, or next to free they are just going to have to live or die, i am hoping for live.


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Your plants symptoms fall into zinc defiencies, but minerals rely on each other to become available. It is more likely a ph problem. The good news is that rain will flush ur soil. So if it gets better than worse as it dries out I would make the assumption that ur soil ph is going up as it dries that is causing a lock out. Do u have vinegar at ur house, it's not the best thing as it weakenes quickly but u can add a tsp to a cup (%5 distiller vinegar) durring waterings to lower ph. This is a cheap way that will do least amount of harm to ur plants if I am incorrect. Do u have access to a small bilge pump, manure/ compost, or a good area to dig worms for fishing? If so u could make compost tea that would bump up bennifitial bacteria. Then u wouldn't have to worry as much about ph. It's cheap it works and it's natural. I have seen great yields using compost tea. Do u have anything that could pump water? Even someone's fish tank set up at a yard sale could get the job done.
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