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Scorpio's Try At DWC - Input Please

Chris Scorpio

Member of the Month: July 2018
Hey everyone

Am real Close to my 1st DWC Harvest

Do you flush like Soil or Hempy?

Not sure of the process at this Point

Thanks All, its been an insane Ride and Love how the DWC girls grow

Chris Scorpio

Member of the Month: July 2018
I always flush with my DWC buckets for 3 to 5 days.

Glad to hear you made it through ok.
So basically just plain water then

Oh she is a beast Indeed



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I just use plain water now. Before I was using a flush agent.

But I tell no difference between them.

I use botanicare kind and z7 to grow, the kind is very clean and the z7 already is breaking down the salts.

I take early samples sometimes before flushing and it still tastes and burnes fine.


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Subbed. Back later


Plants look great. If your looking to upgrade your air pump, look into a Super Luft piston driven air pump. You can run from 2 to 6 buckets at a time, with tons of output. Also get the largest air stone you can find that will fit in a five gallon bucket. I use a 4" at the moment and it puts out a lot of bubbles. More bubbles, more oxygen, more oxygen, bigger, happier roots. Which means BIGGER plants.
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