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Soil Mixing Advice Needed


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My first grow is moving along with a few probs I would like to avoid on my next grow.
First, I used MG with time released nutes, didn't work well for me,


I bought some Fox Farms, some Perlite and Vermiculite to mix up my next soil.

Question: Should I mix these with the Fox Farms?
If so, what ratio?
Is there other beneficial ingredients I should add from the git-go?

I will be using 3 gallon pots and 400watt HPS indoors and doing Auto-Flowers.

Thanks in advance


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Try 5/2/1
FFOF is hot, so watch your feedings especially with autos. First outdoor auto grow for me this year. I used FFOF and perlite and only fed 3 times so far, probably only feed 2 more times.


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Thanks Marz
So would you suggest perhaps 1/2 amounts of normal feedings or would would you suggest even less?
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