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SpiaksKush22 Outdoor Big Bang Auto Grow Journal 2014


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Strain- Big Bang Auto
Indica/Sativa- 80/20
Flower Stage 5 weeks but I say 5 because im going on the 6th feed of every 5th day
Soil- Pro-Mix BX
5 Gallon Bucket
Water twice a week one Gallon of water/ I feed them every 5th Day 1tbsp of each in a Gallon of Water
Nutes- Fox Farm Grow Big/Big Bloom/Tiger Bloom
No Pests

I basically had a grow journal going but I wasn't posting it in this Forum it was in Frequently Asked Questions so heres the link if you want to look back. I started it right from when I transplanted into the 5 gallon bucket... https://www.420magazine.com/forums/...ng-auto-already-starting-bud.html#post2156610

How do I tell when I can start to flush her and when I know she is done? Heres pictures I took of her Last night... Any suggestions feel free im open to any info to better my grow it is my first time growing Thanks...

Dantes Monkey

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How do I tell when I can start to flush her and when I know she is done?

You're going to want to get a loupe or handheld microscope and start watching your trichomes. That's the best way to know when to harvest.

Clear Trichs = too early, don't harvest
Cloudy Trichs = Ready to harvest if you want uppity head high
Some Amber Trichs = Ready to harvest for nice balanced high
All Amber Trichs = Dont wait any longer. Very narcotic couch lock high.


Lester Freeman

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Ok so I went and bought a bag of Bone Meal 6-12-0.... I was going to spread 1 tablespoon over the top of my soil what do yous think?

Yeah! Have at it. Put two tablespoons and mix it in well to the top soil. Do it when you water. :thumb:

Though it is a dinner bell for the coons and skunks, they like to dig up the bone meal thinking there is worms in there to eat. :cheer:


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Tomorrow AM is Nutes day for The Lady cant wait I ended up putting 12 tablespoons of Bone Meal in her when I gave her water yesterday morning I scratched up the top soil to my second knuckle and mixed it in hope it helps out. First time trying Bone meal why not cant hurt her.... Almost Harvest time but im not rushing her at all...... Picture update middle of the week....

Lester Freeman

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I would suspect your plant has bud rot. You should inspect the buds thoroughly.

Cut,remove, and destroy all infected parts carefully. Don't spread the spores around.

High humidity during flowering can be treacherous to our crops.

The combination of bud rot and caterpillars is the perfect storm. Stay diligent.


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ok update with pictures first picture is I found more bud rot and took all I saw out.... 4 other pictures I found white mold groing on some of the buds that are growing at the bottom of the plant... What should I do?? I just did the 8th feeding in the flower stage this past Saturday morning... Ill be dambed to lose this plant do to this stuff ill harvest this asap????????:helpsmilie:

Lester Freeman

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Looks like powder mold. This is a common problem in high humidity environments. Common on many plants in fact, not just cannabis. However it is particularly frustrating when it hits during flower because its too late to spray the SNS-244.

Carefully cut ,remove and dispose of all the leaves /parts that have the localized powder mold.

You may want to consider harvesting early and taking what you can get. At least there's a lot of trichomes.

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