Sub irrigation planters, help


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Good evening all....

I'm currently using sub irrigation planters (SIPS) for the first and loving it. Using my living soil.
The question I have is can you do No till style SIPS?
I hardly ever water in from the top so I am worried if I just top dress my ammendments they won't get washed down into the soil. What do you guys reckon? I was thinking remove the top 2-3 inches of soil and replace that with a fresh replacement of pre ammended soil?

Any help would be good :)


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Maybe spiking but go small and test a few plants first. Push a rod into soil 8 inches or so and wallow out the top, you will then have a cone shape, drop your gear in the hole and cover with soil. Rock on and see how they do.

Edit to add - obviously put a few spikes evenly spaced around the perimeter of each plant, not too close to damage the roots but not so far that it’s ineffective. Think it will be great time and labor savings tho. Best of luck!
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