Unknown Strain - When to switch from Veg to Flower?


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Hey guys, newbie here!

I recently acquired a plant cutting, however the strain is completely unknown to me. Having done a fair bit of research on growing and the likes, I still have a few questions that I have been unable to find an answer to.

The plant was around 7cm in height when it was given to me, which was then potted up directly in a 5lt pot. It has been growing in my polytunnel which I have maintained at a temperature 25 degrees celcius, using sunlight during the day and t5 two bulb fluorescent lighting to supplement that once the sun starts to set, giving it a ratio of 18/6. I now find myself at nearly 5 weeks on and the plant now stands at 22" in height.

Anyway, my question is when should I switch it from veg to flower?

Thanks in advance for you help!
hard one to answer because it mostly comes down to personal preference
however i like to flower when my plant is showing alternating nodes . Its then showing its mature enough to flower.
Also a big factor is how much hight you have to work with a sativa dominant strain can triple in height through the flowering period so be prepared to do some training ( i prefer lst) if your unaware of the genetics
I would flip now. If you are new to growing you don't want a monster. What you want is a successful first grow! Dont worry about yields and all the fancy stuff you can do! Here are the basics to be concerned about.

1. Lights you need to decide what you will be using!
2. Mixture? What are you growing in?
3. Temps... Keep them 75-84
4. RH Relative Humidity
5. Ventilation
6. Watering Not too much not to little!!!
7. Nutes if needed?

Stick to the basics and READ READ READ!!!! Ask question and learn how to post pic!

Below are some links to help you get started... Good luck my friend and Happy Growing!

How to Ask for Grow Support
How to Grow Cannabis - Everything You Need to Know!
Photo Gallery Guide - How to Resize, Upload & Post Photos

Sorry for the late reply, not been able to get on here for the last few days. Thanks for both your answers, I really appreciate it! I decided to switch to Flowering Nutes a couple of days ago, given that I was informed that the average plant would continue to grow to up to three times its current height after flowering is induced. Here's hoping things go well.

Thanks again guys!
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