Web TV show - Debate: Should cannabis be legalized?


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Web TV show in French.
Broadcasted first on Feb 17th 2016.

Opening; France has the most prohibitive policy of Europe, but the rate of users - especially uninformed teenagers who are more and more exposed to traffics - is also the highest in Europe and the number of users is rising everyday.

Topics: legalize to reduce crime incomes, reduce the proximity of adults and teenagers with dealers who may propose other drugs which are much more destructive, medicinal advantages and lack of harmful consequences on most people compared to alcohol and tobacco which kill a lot of people and causes fatal diseases, exemple of USA end of prohibtion as a major step forward, historical reasons of prohibition, failure of prohibition, limits of the use (depends on each person ) , how to control dangerous behaviors, politcal parties taboos and unability to open the debate in France for political/election reasons, reason why the state should control quality and offer organic weed with the right rates of THC/CBD, self-production good or bad, etc etc

The only thing said in error in this vid, by the Mayor of Paris 18th area is that growing indoor with HPS is boosting the THC - which is not always true (the sun is generally much more powerful).

speakers: mayor of Paris 18th area, several addiction experts, questions from users.

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