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What can I grow in the desert?


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I live in the california desert , Mojave area. the temperature outside can reach 103 degrees, lots of sun. I wanted to grow outdoor in-ground some herb. I want something feminized,HIGH YIELD, high thc, EAZY, possibly good taste to it. hight s no problem and smell are no problem as i dont have many neighbors. The one neighbor I do have is a grower too. I am a newby to growing real strains. Any advise?
Also what would happen if I bought the seeds in a few days but did not plan on using them till spring. I want to start having everything ready . Having my seeds ready is on top of my list. What would happen if they did not germinate then? Sorry Im a newby and ever ordered online. Due to being put on disability i have to grow my own herbs now. Any advise and help would be awesome!


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Take your time with buying seeds do internet searches ask friends etc what strains are reaching over 30% THC (there are many) and how people are reaching that level.

I will mention that few people grow 30% weed most peoples buds end up in the low 20's its technique experience and choosing the right supplements.

Also your seeds will germinate unless you kill them some how.. worry about that instead of a refund.

Start with research by finding Desert examples , in six months you could be growing up to 30% thc Buds

research tip: many people growing outdoors in Australia are reaching 30% THC levels
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