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What do you reccomend for my B-day Dankfest?


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My birthday is a week from today and me and alot of my buddies are gunna buy an ass of dank.
We either are gunna get Ak-47, purp, g13, sunkiss kush, bubblegum kush, silver skunk, or some pinecone-lookin Beasters :rollit:

what kinds do you guys reccomend cuz there has been a dank overhaul in my town. the only thing you can find here is dank or schwag. its like mid-grade majically disappeered. so i can pretty much get any dank you name almost.

Happy Kitty

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Happy Birthday to you! :happybday:

It sounds like you have the makings of a great birthday party. This should help you make up your mind. If not, it's great to take a look at anyway.

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Peace and 420 :28:
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