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Whats goin on with my babies?


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Thanks for taking a look...To set the stage I have several plants of varying age looking to be suffering from the same ailment. I'm using Canna Bio Veg and fox farms happy frog soil with no additives. Feeding every other watering at half strength with RO water. The leaves look to be browning... looking similar to nute burn, but I dont believe I could posibly be burning them with the low dose canna bio veg. I have also head fox farm happy frog has been known to be on the acidic side but I tested some run off and it looked in range.

Let me know what you think please!!



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In my opinion, not good to use 2 different types/brands of nutrients as they are all finely tuned to work with each other. Your feed is way too hot, your girls are young and are experiencing bad nute burn. Cut your doseage to 1/2 that you are feeding now and try that with straight water between feedings. You should either stick with fox farms or Canna Bio, youll see a HUGE difference when you stop combining the two.
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