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White Widow X Big Bud && Unknown


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I have been lurking (unregistered) around these forums for a few years, So today I decided I would actually post my own grow room.

Anyway... I currently Have 5 Plants 1 Being a mother white widow (from her I have taken 9 cuttings) but I decided to flower her on the 14th of june as she is starting to out grow my setup. but I have 3 cuttings left from her to do in the next week or so, finally I have a unknown seed, this seed was from a cracking bit of bud I got last year (unknown, as the kid just bought it in) got around 23 seeds from here, I have 8 left to try, 1 germinated (hoping for a male as I want to test the asprin trick of turning a male into a female (and maybe getting some more seeds in the process (may be shit but something in case I run out).

Currently the white widow is unknown to me as such for a flowering date as I have had many different responses but alot of them are over the 60th or so day, so on day 75 (Aug 24th) I shall cut her down (16th will start flushing with Co2 water) All my plants I have allways grown in soil, micro-grow + something cheap I picked up from tesco (need some quick and didnt have much monies :( ) and in the base of the pot I have broken up pieces of a old chimney (1cm / 1.4cm etc) but I cleaned / soaked for 4 days before hand with demestos extra strengh bleach .

Veg Room :


[Pot 1 : "WWxBB Cutting" ] - [Pot 2 : "WWxBB Cutting" ]
[Pot 3 : "WWxBB Cutting" ] - [Pot 4 : "Unknown Seed" ]

I use Bio-Grow for veg and Co2 Water.

Flowering Room :
I am currently using a 150w HPS (will upgrade to 250w soon) only because it came with the ballast (Used to be a engineer, unit we moved into had 20 of the ballests + fully working (150w) HPS's so I took 8 of them (that worked)

For flowering I use a mixture of (2ml Bio-Grow + 2ml Bio-Bloom + Co2 Water)

Excuse if the pics are shoddy I do not own a snazzy camera :(

But I will try my best to keep this updated, toodles

ThySaint :D :lot-o-toke:
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