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1st time growing need best advice for my set up


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I have a 150 watt hps light bulb
I'm planning on growing
The church and royal queen kush . Both indica
I'm using a closet its a good amount of space.
I plan on growing 2 plants at a time.

The only problem is I'm not Goood with fertilezers , soil and nutrientents. I was just wondering several things before I start. Can I buy pre made soil with prolite and everythings else already mixed in it or I gotta mix it myself.
Also is there a brand of fertilizer I can buy that's easy to follow for the veg and flowering state .

As far as pots go whats the cheapist / efficient to use.
Also I'm working on a limited budget whats a great way to maximize the light.
I was thinking about adding crl or 2.
Also if there's any other useful advice you can give me. Like how to maximize your yield or thc, and how to make your roots and stem strong
:thumb: :thanks: I appreciate all help that I can get so thank you ahead of time

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I use fox farm soil. It works great. I can send you some links on how to top and fim your plants to get them to be real bushy and make lot of buds. If you are doing seeds or small clones you can use solo cups for about 4 too 6 weeks then put them in about five gallon buckets just drill holes in the bottom and put a pan under them. Put some clean rocks at the bottom about two inch worth to help draining. I use sand on top of my soil to keep soil clean and stop any mold. To maximize light make sure you have white walls or if you can get some mylar, Standard 2mil 50" x 25' Standard 2mil Mylar Mylar if you over your walls with anything take the time to make sure there is NO LIGHT getting threw. Mold will start on walls if light gets threw something covering your walls. Nutrients now you have a ton to choose from. I have used many but if you are not sure this kit has every thing you need. Technaflora it cost about $40. Cheep and works very well. It comes with a mixing chart that tells you everything you need to know about what nutrients you need to add and when. your plants you can make them grow how ever you want. I like to fim them then when they are about 3 weeks old. Right when they have about 3 too 5 leaf set. Here is a link that will tell you all about that. 420 Magazine ® I will help with any info I can if you need info. Good luck...
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if you get the right soil mix you don't even have to worry about feeding
look up super soil
mixing the soil yourself might be well worth the effort


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at my local hydro shop the guy behind the counter helped me purchase a few things to make a couple bags of fox farms last the whole grow without nutes.i used roots organics premix worm castings bat guano some type of rock dust and mycos there was some other things in the mix too.i bought 4 bags of ocean forest and 4 bags of happy frog and perlite.i didnt transplant until flowering time and grew some happy buds.i never phd the water and barely had to water once a week!!
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