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420 Sale: Mars Hydro 2021

Mars Hydro

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What’s up, guys, the 420 Cannabis Festival is coming, let's celebrate this meaningful special day with all growers in the world. We hope that medical cannabis growing will be legal in more and more places, let's grow our food for our own. And thanks to all growers' support to Mars Hydro all the time, Mars Hydro will have the special offer all growers to celebrate the 420 festival, help more and more growers to grow your own plants. :55:

Firstly, ask yourself, do you have any plans to grow cannabis, weed, vegetables? Are you satisfied with your present lighting setup? Any plan to upgrade your lighting or grow tent? Do you plan to expand the growing size or need some lights as supplement lighting? If any of your answers are yes, then it is time to check Mars Hydro 2021 420 Special sales here now.:ganjamon:

Mars Hydro 420 Sale:55:

  • Promotion Time: 19th.April - 21st.April
  • Which items in the sale?
  1. TS Series Lights (TS1000, TSW 2000, TSL 2000, TS 3000): 10% off
  2. SP Series Lights (SP 150, SP3000, SP6500): 10% off. Noticed that SP 6500 light is special 15% off in Canada!
  3. Complete Grow Tent Kits: 10% off
  4. Indoor Grow Tent: 5% off
  5. FC 6500 LED Grow Light: 10% off, only for the UK
  6. FC series and the newly released FC-E series lights don’t have the special sale this time. but please leave post if you are interested, we will pick 5 growers randomly and hand out 20USD coupons in the next few days, which help save some cash for FC and FC-E series lights purchase.
BTW, in addition to the above discounts, use the discount code "420MAGAZINE" to get an additional 3% discount.:green_heart:

Which LED grow light is best for you?​

  • TS Series Light: there is no doubt that TS 600 light is the most first-time grower and small area growers' choice, they are affordable and with great performance for indoor plants growing! TS 1000, TSW 2000, TSL 2000, and TS 3000, with different sizes and wattages, offer a variety of choices for growers to meet different growing needs. TS series always are Mars Hydro's most cost-effective lights for most home growers, so don't miss the 10% off 420sale this time, get them at a far lower price.

  • SP Series Light: the SP 150 light, 135-150w, full-spectrum white light with the new SMD tech, the best choice for small area growing, for Meaty plants lettuce, etc, also a great choice as side supplement light. SP 3000 and SP 6500 lights both are Samsung and Osram chips, more cost-effective and with deep penetrations, they are great lights that can help you grow big harvest with highest plants’ quality. If you are looking at this series but cannot afford it in normal times, this 420sale is the best time to get it.

  • FC Series Light: FC series was designed for home growers, the single or multi-tier large area growers who want to optimize their grow space for maximum crop yields while producing the highest quality uniformity crops. With the bar-style design, evenly light distribution, with Samsung Osram chips, high PPE 2.8umol/j, whether growing food, medical or ornamental plants, help you maximize your yields.

  • FC-E Series Light: Mars Hydro 2021 New Arrivals, the most economy bar-style light in the market. Using the USA BridgeLux chips, PPE up to 2.7umol/j, high effective. The same bar-style and Mars Hydro unique chips array, help distribute light more evenly, make your crop more uniform and get quality yield. And FCE's detachable design allows growers to organize their light layout more freely, also makes it easy to install, store, and replace the light bars.

  • 1680D Indoor Grow Tent
    Mars Hydro indoor grow tent using the diamond pattern reflective material covering the interior, these small squares, which strengthen the light reflective rate and make your plants get more light to increase final yield. Also, the strong steel tubes, high-quality zippers, and great design to avoid light leaks, etc, with many great advantages. Mars Hydro grow tent definitely is above average in the same price tent in the market! A great variety of grow tent sizes, check which size do you need?

  • Complete Grow Tent Kits
    Mars Hydro grow kits are made for home growers to get the complete equipment to grow from seed to harvest. The grow kits contain: an LED grow light, a grow tent, a carbon filter, a fan, a hygrometer, duct tubes, and grow nets. Almost everything you need for a new start grows or when you decide to move your plants to a new system.

Hurry up, guys, don't miss the chance to Mars Hydro 420 sale to get decent grow items for yourself. Thanks all, let's happy growing with Mars, love, and peace! Which one of Mars Hydro products is at the top of your wish list? Leave your comment here, please, let us know.



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Well damn, I just ordered a TSL 2000 full price from your Amazon store, it will be here Tuesday.
Uhhh...you should have known that 4/20 was coming up right?! Should have waited!


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Mars Hydro

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When is the 5x5 tent goin to be available for USA? Will it be soon or I think I’m just goin to have to go with the 4x4
It's available now :ganjamon:

Mars Hydro

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Well damn, I just ordered a TSL 2000 full price from your Amazon store, it will be here Tuesday.
It's a pity. We have been offering a 10% discount on TSL2000 since the beginning of this month. You should check official website before you buy it, it will save you a lot:(

Mars Hydro

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