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You're plants look like they're growing just fine. I was a little concerned at the beginning of the grow cuz they were so long necked, however they look like they grew into themselves really well.
Hey thanks for taking the time to comment. I've literally just come back here... 👍
Yeah I'm much happier with how they have come along now. 2 weeks ago I gave them their first tea, and added microbes, and man have they really got going. It's the fastest I've seen these plants react personally for me, and it's been great going to my tent ecah day now and just seeing them thriving, and 0 issues.
I'm extremely happy guys. It's such a nicer experience when their doing good and I'm not stressing about this that or the other. I laughed the first time someone suggested growers stress is a real thing, but I sure know now it is lol.. Just great to be on the opposite end for a grow.

The company I use for amendments brought out their My 4-4-4 for grow and I have to say, it's bloody amazing. Have just given their first top dressing with it last week and they loved it.. The littery told me so 😂

I've dilier feeding twice weekly with silica & sewweed and that's it really. Was planning on giving a tea every other week and then top dress the other week, but I skipped the tea this week cuz the leaves look very healthy, I really don't over do it.

Looking at them now, the lower branches are staring to push out with is great. Curious, wud yous remove the top 2 fan leaves now to allow the branches underneeth get more light?
I gave em tier first top on Fri last at the top, I'm talking about the 2 fan leaves ghat are connected to them. Im not sure if I wanna start messing with them to much when I have them going good. But curios if more experienced growers think it wud be best?

Thanks in advance guys.. 👍

That's the new blend they took out for veg growth.. I'm quiet impressed so far. Plants really responding and 0 burning.. Just as long now as I don't blood over do thing 🤦‍♂️

Hey folks.. Started training them and spreading them out about 3 weeks ago.. The biggest 2 have just kept spreading, nothing seems to fase them. Been picking 1/2 leaves off daily as I was starting to see those wee area of mostuire were 1 leaf sits in top of the other.. Obviously been careful not to stress them to much..

They have pushed out nicely over the past 3 weeks since I begain table topping them.. The 2 at the front needed propped up as they much smaller. The difference genotypes are the bigger ones at the back, but the one front left is much smaller and bushery.. It was crying to be opened up a bit.. Gave it bit of a defolation 2 weeks and it defo had a positive impact.. It's drinking the water quicker and has been looking happier since. It has small branches, very tight internoding spacing, but the branches are nice and thick looking. I think she's gonna produce some big big buds either know she's the smaller and busher of the 5..supper happy with the amount of tops that are now there. It's week 8 of veg now, Gave last top dress yesterday and will probably flip to 12/12 by end of this coming week. My previous best harvest is a whooping 204grams 😂 😂
Hopefully I've set this run up for an improvement on that last run.
Have any of yous any experience using drops of balance? Or products similar for taking heavy metals outa the medium so plant can't uptake them? Reading alot of good reviews on the drops of balance.. My last harvest tasted harsh so I'm gonna try all I can to avoid that again.. Just curious what yous think



Hey folks. I Changed the lights to 12/12 2 days ago.. Gave another defolation about 3 days before that. Have increased lights to about 45%. Looking. Forward to seeing them flower out now.. My rh sits between 65/70, and temps around 22/25c.. My dehumidifier give off alot of heat so trying to hold out putting that in. Gave them flower top dressing 2 days ago as well and they are looking healthy at least. Not monsters but I'm happy 😊

Hey guys. 2 and half's weeks now since flip and it's nice to see daily changes. Tho I have few questions, 2 of the bugger plants showing few discoloured leaves.. It's strange for me to figure out, cuz the tips look like there just showing that sign that you're just on the edge of slightly over feeding,. Just slightly burnt tips, . But then some of the nwers leaves on the edges are getting slightly lighter of a green. So how can tell if it's deficiencies starting or signs of over feeding when tith signs are presenting? Hope yous can make out with these pics, but if not Il post better pics tomorrow when a friend calls with better camera.

The stretch seems to be over, 1 has gone closer to the lights than the rest.. Those tops are 22inches or so from light, and most of the rest of the canapoy is like 24inches or so.. If I wanna raise my lights more I need to take the extractor out of my tent, do all think I should do that? Over last 2 weeks I've been increasing light dimmer.

I'm now at 55%..so if my light is 650w total just a little over half of that.. I'm wondering would yous keep increasing the lights now if seeing leaves get a bit lighter, Im gonna order exhale co2 bag this week to try and boost co2 in the tent..
My humidity is 65-70%.. It's rough.. But my humidifier has the ugliest setting. If I set it to 50% once the humidifier reaches 50% or shuts and comes back on every 30mins..its ugly settings.. My only option is to set it on constant mode, which will bring the humidity down and keep it at 40%!! It kicks off alot of heat also.. If I put it in the tent itself the temps shoot to 28/30c.. So that's obviously a bit high in the flowering stage right?
Thinking is time for next and last deflolation, have alot of extra under growth over last 3 weeks that if I clear out and add another fan under the canopy it might lower humidity it a bit.. Just curious what yous think.. My feeding schedule is silica, call mag/ sewweed extract.. That's one feedings, then plain ro water for the next, then next feeding just giving fish shit and then plain water.. Every 2 weeks their getting flowering amendments that I showed earlier.. Thanks in advance., for any help .. 👍




The stretch seems to be over, 1 has gone closer to the lights than the rest.. Those tops are 22inches or so from light, and most of the rest of the canapoy is like 24inches or so.. If I wanna raise my lights more I need to take the extractor out of my tent, do all think I should do that? Over last 2 weeks I've been increasing light dimmer.
Or raise the shorter plants on blocks or something. That will even out your canopy and give everyone the same amount of light.
Got them all raised up now to evenish level.. Havnt turned the light up anymore since, cuz the biggest 2 at the back leaves are Turing yellow. I think der lacking in N.. I made a compost tea with worm castings and fed it to them 2 days ago. Been feeding nettle extract as a N booster this last 2 weeks. It's progressing, slowly. Showing on all leaves.

The back left one has got slightly burnt edges on some of the leaves. I had recently turned the wind speed up. So I moved the fan above them a little more, maybe that's a bit of leaf burn idk.. Yikes, as a surprise my son has booked a holiday for us to Amsterdam in 5 weeks.. So I'm hoping they have finished by the.
Currently my light is at 55%, is there any point in increasing the intensity if I have a nutrition issues?


Some dose ups of the trichs.. There's not many Amber but plenty of milky. I'm going to wait another 2/4 days maybe be free if more start to turn amber. .these are from 1 plant.. the connection on my phone is loose so using phone scope bit of a pain lol



These are from plant 2..bith are around same site and close in trichome development.. Still another 2/4 days and hopefully see few more Amber..




All harvested up and dryed.. It took 9 days to get to a nice sweet spot. This is without doubt the best I've grown yet. 4th time has turned out to be a charm.

It's had 10days to cure. And I cudnt resist a wee sample last nte of some do the pop corn buds. It's really potent folks.. First time I've really managed to hold on to terps, so super happy. I also doubled my last harvest by weight.. Just under 11oz for this run. Delighted!

My last runs I was over drying the bud. Idk,.. Got great advise from Stoner otter, he suggested harvesting few nugs, put them in a jar and see where the RH is at before the rest. I don't that, and the RH was 64..i juts put them in jar and burped them down to 62 for 2 days and it worked a real treat... 👍

Ya wudnt think it, but there just under 11oz here, and it tastes lovely, can't wait to see how much better it gets. I've heat sealed all the bags now.. No sticky fingers now for at least a month.. How the hell I'm I gonna stay away from this for thaz long 😂 😂

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