Around The World In 80 Strains #2 Strawberry Amnesia


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#2 Strawberry Amnesia

Strawberry Cough x Amnesia
20% THC

Got a little shipment of this in today. Really wasn't what I was expecting I have to be honest, it's something I've smoked before but not at this level.

Your regular Amnesia would normally come with your typical, light limey green complexion, and that unique flavour we all know and love so much. I've never smoked Strawberry Cough but the two together have really created something unique. You get glimpses of Amnesia to start, but your taste buds gradually get taken away with a smooth and sweet strawberry ice cream aroma.

This is a real hit. Small and dark green, dense little rocks. Break them apart and your welcomed with a glacier like effect of crystal resin and icy trichomes - all of that bud porn and the macds strawberry milkshake floating up your nostrils. This has to be tried.

This sativa dominant strain really catches you out with energetic bursts and pretty much everything has a funny side. A great way to ease off the depression and anxiety issues. A great smoke to have with friends for those hilarious and serious conversations.

A very easy 8/10. Smokes like a dream. Such a potent flavour. A real easy ride on the brain, washes away those heavy shoulders in no time. Highly recommended 👌🏻

I could see this being an enjoyable grow, for sure!

Be safe ✌🏻 👌🏻

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