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Hey Guys, Brooklyn Born Genetics here :48::420:
We’re back with a new set up and grow space that’ll keep you rollin” along through this journal (figuratively and literally, we got weed on wheels!) Castor wheels on a circular cut piece of wood affixed to the bottom of each 5 gallon bucket. A pump with four outlets emits air to each plant. The autos we’re rollin’ out are White Widow, Sour Orange Diesel Kush, Creme de la Chem, and Fast & Loud. The light is an Amare SolarSpec, the SolarEclipse SE300 to be exact with COB HI-LED+UV-B. We have a 6 inch in line fan with a fan speed controller, a 6 inch carbon charcoal air filter and as usual we got em on the AN trio. The walls are lined with Permaflect reflective fabric and a Black Hatch zipper door was added for protection from light leaks. Plan to use @TNBNATURALS CO2 Enhancer for a nice boost during veg into bloom. Here we go at about 1.5 week’s from germ. :slide:


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So far the WW Auto from @CropKingSeeds is in the lead! Followed closely by Mephisto’s CDLC! Fast and Loud is in third, followed by Mephisto’s SODK! It’s a race to to the next node!
Thanks for growing us! Looking forward to a lot of pics we will soon do a Crop King Seeds Strain of the year photo contest. So keep growing and take beautiful shots! Oooooppps
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