Brian420pm 4th Grow Nov 2020: Super Silver Haze

Flower Week 9 (105 days from seed):

I chopped the colorful, smaller, early bloomer and made up a drying box.


5 days later:
It's been real low humidity lately, I should've checked on them a day or two sooner... a bit dry at 40% in the jars. I put 2 humidity packs in each jar. If that doesn't work by morning I'll put in a wet paper towel in each until they are up to 58%. Not ideal, but continuous improvement is my ultimate goal!

HARVEST - OK I'm blown away, I trimmed the buds off the branches... 6+ ounces! I may get 7-10 with the other 3 plants.... WOW!


Test results: I grew all the plants using a 6-Line style... I kept nodes 2, 3 and 4 for 6 branches and then topped them once to get 12 colas. I labeled, dried and weighed each of the three nodes separately :

Node 2 (bottom node) = 33 grams
Node 3 (middle node) = 71 grams
Node 4 (top node) = 70 grams

Node 2 had MUCH smaller diameter branches so I expected this result. Three of the 4 plants have the same thing but one has equal branch thickness on all three nodes... anxious to see those results after harvest completion.

Because 75% of the plants had less yield on node 2 I'm going to just keep nodes 3 and 4 next grow, then top twice for 16 colas each. I still had room in the tent so more colas in the next grow should still get sufficient light.

For some other numbers, I was curious the difference between wet and dry weight and wondered how close I would get to the industry standard of 25%. Wet weight was 26oz, dry was 6oz, or 23%. It will fluctuate up a little when I rehydrate and down a little when I trim off the sugar leaves.

Love my SPERIMENTS! :)
This was my 4th grow and I got 34 dry ozs from 4 plants... completely blown away and riding a euphoric wave here! :)


I'm hesitant to say I got anything "dialed in" until I can repeat my success, then I can shout my keys to victory from the mountain tops! :) Here are the numbers from grow #4 (2.1 grams per watt is just mind blowing)...

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