Brian420pm 4th Grow Nov 2020: Super Silver Haze


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Seed Stage first day:

Easy start this grow, 5 for 5, keeping 4 to put in a 5 x 5 tent in 5 gallon fabric pots. Super Silver Haze from Nirvana Seeds. This is their highest THC feminized seed product, looking forward to making lots of products like raw RSO, dry sift, hash, topical body butters and oil, edible capsules and drops and who knows what else! :)

Day 0...


Seed Stage Week 1 (6 days old): Under a 35w blurple LED at 4"


Tomorrow (day 7), I'll transplant to dixie cups and start them on General Hydroponics Flora nutrients.

Let the show begin! :)

Veg Week 2 (14 days from seed):

The five Super Silver Haze babies are still in the small veg tent, growing like crazy. If you remember last grow the seedlings were tall and spindly at this age because I left a night light on by accident, these are VERY compact and on their 3rd and 4th nodes already. I'll prepare the 5 gallon pots this week and transplant.

I'm always fascinated by the variation of each plant when grown from seed. Different speed and patterns of growth, colors and leaf angles.


This little critter outside my kitchen window approves this message! :)

Veg Week 2 (18 days from seed):

Everything going well, compact plants, lots of roots. I will start training them soon... I decided to fim the top and keep two nodes underneath. That should be 8 growth points and will go from there. I will probably have room so I may top each of those 8 later for 16 tops.


Veg Week 3 (26 days from seed):

It took longer to get the big tent ready, so 5 days late on the transplant. Roots were piled up at the bottom of the cups, so I trimmed them off and into the 5 gallon pots they went.

Pretty girl!


Best root growth ever, doin something right!



Cleaned up the tent, all fresh and ready to roll!


For training I decided to top after 4 nodes, removed the 1st node, then topped each of the remaining 6. That will give 12 branches total. If up to it I'll remove all others that grow out to keep all the energy focused on those 12.
Veg Week 6 (43 days from seed):

Training session!

To recap, this time I kept 3 nodes and topped them all. That gave me 8 branches around the outside and 4 up the middle, as this diagram illustrates...


With three of the four plants, the middle branches were lagging behind (shorter) so I needed to pull down the outer 8 to let them catch up (the highest grow the fastest). One plant hardly needed training because those inner branches were keeping up fine with all the others.

Here are my four purdy girls before training (click to view bigger)...


Here they are after training. The ones most spread out had the shortest inner branches. I'll flip to the flower schedule sometime over the next week.

Veg Week 6 (46 days from seed):

I was having a discussion with the four ladies last night... they are not quite ready to flip to flower, I'll flip at day 50.

Very happy with the training and pruning. There are exactly 48 tops, every one of them visible and near the same canopy level.


May your tents runneth over! :)
Flower Week 2 (62 days from seed):

I think these girls are gonna outgrow the tent sighh always something! If I grow Super Silver Haze again I'll surely need to reduce veg time by a week or so to keep them a manageable size.

Everything going well, got a second light that brings the total to 600watts, plus upgraded the 4" fan to 6". The air exchange is plenty now, so no more worries about high temp or humidity.


Flower Week 5 (78 days from seed):

Time is flying, and these Super Silver Haze girls are thriving. Start of week #5, the trichs are starting to work their way outward from the flower to the surrounding leaves. The smell is turning heavy, reminds me of leather.

If you recall, my last grow STOPPED growing in week 5 after I over pruned. UGH I ended up with roughly 2 oz per plant, but will hopefully CRUSH it this time around!

This grow I removed all new branches after growing out the first 12 (per plant) and did some extra canopy level management (training, super cropping, etc.). All the buds are at the top and exposed to strong light. No pruning this time except decaying, lower leaves.


0118212052 (1).jpg


Flower Week 8 (103 days from seed):

The 4 plants are in different states of readiness for harvest. Trichomes range from all cloudy to mostly cloudy, pistil color from white to reddish brown. I'd guess 7-10 days before chop.

I may decide to harvest the most mature plant this week and use a cardboard box for drying, not sure yet.






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