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Bugs = Big Problem


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Well my plants are about at 4 weeks now and i recently left for a camping trip this weekend for 3 days leaving them with a babysitter. Came back to find one of my two larger plants was almost entirely eaten (?). THey are grown outside and i use some guano to fertilize maybe once or twice a week.

above is the one that was devoured by idk what. I did see some webs so i'm assuming its spider mites. but the whole top stock was eaten and the weird thing is the leaves of this plant ended up in the soil of another plant. they were shriveled up in the soil.

this is what the above plant is looked like

but as u can see this one has some eaten (?) off of it too. the leaves eaten are ridged and only like half way eaten.

i havent actually found any bugs on it and i thought my lab might have tried to eat them but i dont think it was him anymore. any advice?? help??? much appreciated. :Namaste:
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Captain Kronic

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What a bummer, sorry to hear your babies got hammered... Could very well have been the dog. That definitely isn't bugs though!
Do you live in a rural setting... what manner of wildlife do you have about the place?
A quick way to stem further misery is to put some chicken wire or such around them... at this stage in life, they are susceptible to most any critter that wants to eat them... they need protection!

I have a lot of dear (amongst other critters) around and I use Liquid Fence :adore:, I don't spray in on the plants like they say, just on the containers (made of wood) I haven't had a dear or rabbit take a bite in over a year now.

Good luck and if there is anything else I can do to help w/this... let me know! :Namaste:


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I'm in the suburbs of california just growing in my small back yard. fences up around the whole back yard never seen a rabbit or raccoon let alone a deer. the dogs do go in the back yard frequently without being watched. Is the little one gonna be able to bounce back? i've got grow between the stem and leaves but the top part of where the stem was broken is brown, do i clip it? leave it?

JJ Bones

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You're plants look good, they'll bounce back.

You can pull off any leaves that bother you or make an eye-sore, to reboost grow morale if you'd like.

I recommend Azamax, to prevent anything from biting your plant consistently. Also, good foliar feeds will make those babies jump.


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THANKS. It was the dog. I started foliage feeding and that helped tons, man they sprouted up like crazy. But thanks to that i caught my dog eating them. Ya win some you lose some. From five plants to one and two halfs.


Lord Indica

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Yeah we found out dogs love the herbage. They love anything that sprouts I guess. Our little dog ate every tomato plant that sprouted last year. Needless to say my wife was severely damaged by this, as I am sure you would be too. But yours look fine they will bounce right back. Now just try to teach him to give you a heads up if anyone comes around them lol.
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