Can u really smoke gold?

I love working with metals, and gold is such a fascinating metal that when I read this title I just had to point something out for you... I have a love of outer space, like NASA stuff, oh the things I could educate people on about everything I know about it... But take a minute to go look up a photo of the lunar lander, or some other high tech space stuff, note they are using a "gold foil" to reflect IR radiation, which is like Mylar for a reference for you (also backed up on Wikipedia). Gold according to the Wikipedia "Gold is a good conductor of heat and electricity and reflects infrared radiation strongly." just think of smoking on a brass pipe and think about the conduction of heat moving through metal. When we wanted to capture particles from the Sun itself we used some gold in a honeycomb type of design, and the more I dug into gold I found it absolutely fascinating that gold flecks are actually blown out from the Sun itself according to some Space educational movie I was watching recently on Netflix on the Sun itself.

Wikipedia also points out that you can hammer gold out so thin that is transparent, which is like my gold shield on my welding helmet or on my heat shield visor on my fireman's helmet. But as a metal at the end of the day, I personally would have trouble believing that you could heat gold up enough to vaporize it while holding it... Wikipedia says this about Gold's "Heat of vaporization 342 kJ/mol"... So can you really smoke gold? Well perhaps roll up a few more spliffs and enjoy them...
Ive tried them before after a friend brought them from California. I must say that I prefer normal papes. Didnt really enjoy the metallic/ aluminum taste it had to it.
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