Coco & Hempy LED Autoflower & A Huge Photo Carnival

Day 7 for the autos og kush and Colorado cookies. The big photo is going to be critical kush. They already have roots poking out the bottom, so they need to be planted into their final pots. That Root Growth Platinum really works well. I don't usually get so many roots this fast poking out.

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Grow update with the final strains.

Photoperiod that we are going to get huge, 2 pounds or more dry is the goal.
Critical + by Dinafem

Autos: Og Kush (nirvana), NL X cheese (Ministry of Cannabis), Colorado Cookies (Dutch Passion),

We will also be doing two experiments, one with the extra NL X Cheese auto and the other with the extra Critical +. For the auto, I want to do a small hempy, like a solo cup size or maybe half-gallon or something. The critical, I want to do half coco at the bottom of the pot and fill the top with perlite.

Here is the first NL x Cheese that almost died from the PH pen being off. I decided to let her go to see what she does, even though she went through so much stress. I think because of the Colossal P she survived. I am not sure she would have otherwise. Check my wite to learn more about it.
Day 22


Here is the Cookies in 100% perlite Hempy bucket. She was just placed there.
Day 7


The ones in the pots are now being fed 8ml each of Complete A and B. 7ml Colossal P. 2ml Fulvic Calmag. Then ph to 5.8. Using RO water.
I'll sub up for this. I believe in the past you had said the DP Colorado Cookies was always a good yielder for you.
Yup, most always. A few times it gave us like 3oz. There is a pheno that pops up like that from time to time, but most of the time it does well like 5oz plus.

They have given us 10oz as well. I cannot recall the highest she has given us, but I think 10-12oz.

That is amazing for an auto, as I am sure you know.
Yup, most always. A few times it gave us like 3oz. There is a pheno that pops up like that from time to time, but most of the time it does well like 5oz plus.

They have given us 10oz as well. I cannot recall the highest she has given us, but I think 10-12oz.

That is amazing for an auto, as I am sure you know.

I've had a Blue Dream that went over 12. She was part of a 3 auto grow (two Blues and a GSC, all from Fastbuds) that went 28oz. All in a tiny 32"x 32" tent. Worked out to 800g per square meter. Wish I could hit those numbers every grow.

Interested to see your Nirvana auto too. Before they created their new US site and jacked their prices up 200%, I loaded up on some of their beans. Used the double your seeds with crypto payment too. I didn't see where they offered that on their new site. I think I averaged $3 per seed which was awesome. Their Original Glue Auto was a good yielder for me last grow. Squatty little bush that produced javelin shaped colas. I'm thinking of dropping 4 of those in the next week.
@Perfect Sun LED you were mentioning the optimal ppm per element in another thread. Would you have any type of source material for those? I've always based mine on Advanced Nutrients tissue samples that were published back in 2003 and wondered if there was something more current that was available.
A little update.

Day 5 for Cheese NL on the right. The Dinefem Critical + are at day 2-3, and the Cheese NL on the left is 2 days.

And here they were a few days earlier. The OG Kush on the left was at 7 days or so.

I am not sure where I am going to put this NL x Cheese. This is the one that was stressed out from being fed a very low PH because the pen was not working. But she recovered and might still do alright. Started training her with the 90-degree plant training clips.

Colossal P is insane. I've never seen branches this thick. The stock is so healthy and thick all the way to the top. I could barely fit the clip on the very new growth. I've never had that issue before and I have grown this strain a few times.

Day 26



Day 12 for OG Kush. She is coming along nicely.


The NL is starting to take off. Day 28 now. I trained all her branches out to open her up like a bowl. I am using 90 degree plant trainers for this. Her branches are so thick, they barely fit on the top part of the branch. I have never seen branches this thick and healthy in all my 10 years of growing. Colossal P is the bomb diggity.


That is the OG Kush next to her.

Day 31 for the NL x Cheese that managed to pull through all the stress of being watered way too low a PH because our pen probe was bad. But she might do pretty good. I need to train her even more.

I have grown this OG Kush before and she is not the best yielder, but she has produced nice smoke before.



I have the Critical + photo period in a 1 gallon for now. I like to transplant photos from a small pot to a larger one.

Update on one experiment. Rinnal medium is not good all by itself if you place a rockwool cube into it. It about killed the plant within like 12 hours. I think it is because it sucks the moister out of the rockwool and holds onto it because Rinnal holds ontp 60% water before it becomes saturated, whereas rockwool is lower than that.

I still want to try it by itself but I will need to try placing the plant right into it and also I will try to place a rapid rooter into it to see what happens.
For sure. I am surprised that she is doing so well, considering the stress she went through for the first 13 days or so from being fed too acidic water.

I think the OG Kush will catch up pretty well. She is 13 days behind and autos can change so much in 13 days.
Day 35 for NL x Cheese in Coco. I am training her with the 90 degree trainers.


Also day 35 for the Incredible bulk who barely survived the low ph onslaught. I almost tossed her out, but it is hard to toss out a plant when you see her suffer and survive. She has not really started her stretch, which the NL x Cheese has, so Bulk could still turn out a decent yield.


OG Kush is at day 22. She will grow a lot in the next 10 days.


And now we have the much younger NL x Cheese at like day 12 in the Hempy bucket. The cookies did not like pure perlite for the bucket. Neither did this one, so I had to change it up a bit. I gently removed her from the bucket, then I dumped out all the perlite and only filled the bottom of the bucket up with pure perlite, so that it went a bit higher than the drain hole. I then mixed in 30-40% coco to the perlite and filled the rest of the bucket with that. After just a day she is happy and grew a lot in 24 hours.

The two in the little black pots are the photoperiods, Critical +.


No, this NL was in pure perlite. Rinnal was no good for putting a rockrool cube in, but I have another experiment that is going well in the pure Rinnal. I placed two plants in it, one seeded in Moistenland and the other seeded in Rapid Rooters. I also placed another seedling that had some roots, directly into Rinnal. Going to see if that dies or grows.
Update. I am posting some of these way behind than when I took them. These were taken yesterday only two days after I took the ones I posted on Sat. I did more bowl training on them using the 90 degree plant trainers.

37 days: Auto Nl X Cheese 1



Day 37: Auto Incredible Bulk

Day 24: Auto OG Kush

Day 15: Auto NL x Cheese in a hempy bucket. Pure perlite up to the hole, then 30% coco mixed with perlite.

Autoflower update. Just two days later. I had to move all the 90 degree plant trainers up one node because they grew several inches. You can see the OG Kush (bottom left) is really bushing out now.

Days 39, 26, and 17.

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