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Emmie's Organic Gummy Bears In GeoFlora Nutrients: Aug 2020


Member of the Month: Mar 2019 - Grow Journal of the Month: Jan 2020

Gummy Bears is an elite cannabis strain, developed by Elemental Seeds. Gummy Bears is a cross of Trueberry and Big Lemon. Exhibiting some of the most desirable traits of any marijuana strain currently available, Gummy Bears develops distinctive colouration, making it a real favourite among the guys at Elemental.

After the average 56-60 day flowering period, breeders are rewarded with harvests of dense buds which virtually drip with sticky resin. Flavours are a perfectly harnessed blend of both parent strains - expect zesty berry flavours backed with lemon and a pine scent - a real treat for the senses. The high resin production and beautiful nuances of colour make this a real standout marijuana strain.

  • Genetics - Trueberry x Big Lemon
  • Type – Mostly Indica
  • Flowering time – 56-60 days
  • Yield – Medium / High


My plant was started on August 5, making it 11 days in veg today. It was transplanted from a solo cup into a 1 gallon cloth grow bag last night, filled with super soil in the bottom third, then 1 quart of Fox Farm Ocean Forest, and topped off with Fox Farm Happy Frog on top. The nutrients for this round will be taken care of by @GeoFlora Nutrients. They got their first dosage of the Veg formula in their first week in the solo cup and will be getting their next application on day 14.

When Ms. Gummy was able to drain her cup of water in 24-36 hours, she was transplanted. Here are her roots, and as you can see they were just starting to wrap at the bottom.

The plan is to veg for just about a month and then rapidly move her into bloom in 5 gallon containers. During this journey we will take several clones and get them going in veg for a second round.


Member of the Month: Mar 2019 - Grow Journal of the Month: Jan 2020
Veg, Day 14

Gummy Bears is the largest plant in this growth group and has not skipped a beat in the transplant. Today she will get the appropriate amount of Geoflora Nutrient Veg for a one gallon container and she will be good for the next 2 weeks. She is looking very happy and I can see no signs of deficiencies.



Member of the Month: Mar 2019 - Grow Journal of the Month: Jan 2020
Veg, Day 23

Ms. Bear is ready to go now. If the construction tomorrow goes as well as I hope, she will go to bloom in one week, and I will be uppotting her this weekend. Or... I can slow things down a bit and top her between nodes 5 and 6, for one more clone. It all depends on my mood this weekend. She has drained her water in 48 hours or a little bit more. It is time to give her well water.



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Member of the Month: Mar 2019 - Grow Journal of the Month: Jan 2020
Veg, Day 26

Ms. G-Bears (her CB handle) is going to be the one to lead the parade out of the veg tent. She is massive and it has been clear for a few days that her water usage was off the scale and that if we wanted to keep her in our short grow rooms, we had better send her to bloom fairly quickly. The intent today was only to uppot this one plant, but we did end up getting Deep Cheese to follow on her coattails into stardom.

We will keep her in the veg room for one more week so that she can grow into this new container and I can finish getting mylar up in the new bloom room. More mylar is on order... it seems I originally ordered about 1/3 of what is really needed.

She looks good in her new large container and to help her settle in, she was fed her next round of @GeoFlora Nutrients VEG.



Member of the Month: Mar 2019 - Grow Journal of the Month: Jan 2020
Veg, Day 29

Gummy has taken to 5 gallons like Ms. J. took to Jameson, and she is sitting here smoothly on top of the world. She is a magnificent plant, sporting some 11 fingered leaves at the top and still quite complex, despite us taking several clones from her. She will be going into the bloom room on Saturday, where she will likely double her impressive 2 foot height. She just took a lot of water to the point of runoff, but just as I was writing this I looked down and she had sucked back up all of the runoff... she will be getting a second watering in a few minutes. She does have a bit of wind damage on some of the leaves if you notice some yellow spots, and other than some sawdust all over on her older leaves, she is doing fine. The Geoflora nutes have put her right where I wanted, with a slight tip burn along with VERY rapid growth. I could discern no slow down or stunting from ripping her out of the 1 gallon grow bag and throwing her in this container... I did try to be gentle. :19:



Member of the Month: Mar 2019 - Grow Journal of the Month: Jan 2020
Transition, Day 1

Gummy went into the bloom room today. I didn't do a closeup picture of her sitting under the MEGA light in the new bloom room, but I did give her a good watering on moving her. Presently the measured LUX at her very top is 33k. Fresh air is being supplied and the temperature is hovering right around 80F.

Gummy is the big one in the back. If she doubles in size, she will be right below the light.



Member of the Month: Mar 2019 - Grow Journal of the Month: Jan 2020
Bloom, Day 1

I think it is safe to say that today is day one of bloom for this girl. She has been transitioning for 7 days, and today it looks like she is starting to pump out pistils instead of new green growth. This also puts her into the second week of stretch, and with the new height she has achieved, I have introduced her to the cage. That's right, I put young adults into cages, because I can see already that she is going to need some extra support later down the road. At her present height she is experiencing 33k Lux at her top and she seems to be perfectly happy with it. Yesterday was time to water her, so she got 1/2 cup / 250 ml of @GeoFlora Nutrients Bloom. In another two weeks she should need some more. There is nothing more to do for her other than water her regularly and watch her thrive. So far, I am very impressed with these nutrients.




Member of the Month: Mar 2019 - Grow Journal of the Month: Jan 2020
Bloom, Day 7

Ms. Bears has really been growing this week and today she is amazingly strong and tall, and she only has another foot to go before she gets into the light so we hope that stretch is just about over with.

Today every plant in the Bloom room got a spraying of SNS... it seems that NYCD has brought some big city bug into the room. Gummy got a watering today too, and just in case anyone out there believes that I am overwatering my plants, these pictures are from right before I watered... clearly there was good droop going on, clear up to midway on the plant. Examining her large base, we can see that she has thrown out two more strong feeder roots from near the top, so as to add to her stability... this girl is about to be a big producer and she is already preparing to hold up that weight. This plant has become a monster that is going to produce well over 30 bud sets and I am super glad that I have cloned her.



Member of the Month: Mar 2019 - Grow Journal of the Month: Jan 2020
Wow how tall is that girl lol looking good
I meant to measure her before lights out but I forgot. I would estimate that she is 5 feet tall at this moment... and I will grab the tape measure in the morning and get that measurement. I already told her that if she gets into the light there is a supercropping in store for her. She is making me think twice about not topping my Durbans still sitting in the veg room... they are going to get tall too.


Member of the Month: Mar 2019 - Grow Journal of the Month: Jan 2020
I just got back from using the tape measure, and I must say in defense of my wild 5' estimate that she looks a LOT taller when you are sitting on the floor next to her. She is officially, from the top of the soil, 3' 11" tall today (1.1938m) and she has 10" (25.4 cm) left before she touches the light. If she stops stretching right here, it will be perfect.
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