FIMing and transplantation


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Its my first grow and I have a small dilema so I was hoping that someone with more experience could help with advice.

So, I think that for my plant it was time for both FIMing and transplantation. I didnt wanted to do both at the same time because I thought that it would be harder for the plant to react to two stress situations at once.

So, I decided that Ill FIM her first and I FIMed her.
1h after I returned and found that the leaves from the highest node (leaves closest to the FIM cut) are droping down and are going into slight curvature. So were the lower leaves, but to a smaller degree.

I suppose that this is either from the FIM shock or from the not large enough container.

So, I have two questions:
1. Is it normal that after the FIM leaves under the cut drop down and curve a little?
2. I would like to transplant her ASAP but now she is under the shock from the fim and it would probably be a bad idea. When do you think that its okay to go into transplantation after the FIM? should I look for any indicators that the FIM shock has passed? Maybe I could transplant right away her regardless of the FIM shock?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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Here is a photo. Notice the droping leaves. What could be the problem?
Thank you for the replies.

Today it has recovered a little. Suppose it was shock from the cut.

@ Greenthumb - This one grows on the balcony. Oldschool. Just the sun.

So its time for a transplant.

The question is, since it was fimmed yesterday, how long should I wait before i transplant her? Can I do it right away regardless of the FIM damage or should I wait for her to recover a bit. And if I should wait what signs should I be looking for to indicate that she is ready for the transplant?
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