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GodtyrLoki's Coco, Random Indica Seed, 2019 First Grow


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I'd wait until you see them start to wilt or when the pot gets light while they are small like this. Everyday shouldn't be necessary but they look good so far.
I was wondering if I should raise my lights a little to encourage them to grow up a little as they are bushing up so much at the moment I'm running out of spaces to let the new shoots through their own foliage haha


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OK now because I am a new grower and have never really grown anything in my life up until this point I did a lot of research and watched so many youtube videos, growing video, read many pages of forums and asked questions there too, read papers on PAR, Temps, humidity, deficiencies, PPM's, PH, VPD's ... which was pretty good and helped me a lot, but there is no substitute for experience.

Temps have been high in Australia at the moment so they are pushing the 29 degrees celcius (84.2 F) mark sometimes during the day I have tried to combat this but freezing 2L bottles of water and putting them in front of my fans which seem to be going well I have been using a VPD chart though to make sure my humidity levels and heat are optimal.

Now as we can see those leaves are very green .. and that is because I overfed them ... I Started to get a nitrogen deficiency on the plants on the right, well I thought it was nitrogen deficiency looking back now it was probably PH lockout/issue due to high salt buildup because I was listening to people tell me to let my coco dry out ... so because I was feeding them a quarter strength, I was like well, they must need a half-strength, so I fed them half strength 6/9 h3ad formula nutes to try and fix the problem, which came upto like 1000ppm and because I'm a noob I just used it and watered them lol

then I was watching a YouTuber who said to run 3ml calmag 4ml of micro and 8 ml of bloom from week 3 till flowering... so I did that to the next watering came up to like 1000+ ppm again and once again because I'm a noob I feed them with this again ...

So then as of course would happen all the leaves started clawing and turning dark green. I knew what this was immediately as I had read a bunch on deficiencies and toxicity clear case of nitrogen toxicity ... so I double flushed my pots with 500 PPM nutes and they are now on the road to recovery I am now using a PPM chart from a fluence bioengineering paper I read and am now feeding them at 1.3 ec (650 ppm) at a ratio of 2/3.78 ... I might even go a bit lower

Ill start LST in the next few days as the tops have come through nicely.


This is the star of the show at the moment bushing up and getting large, only problems have been from overfeeding ie. user error. I hope she doesn't turn out male .. such a nice plant


Same strain as the first pic, she is growing pretty nicely as well new tops have come through nicely and got some good lower growth after she had been topped.

This one (middle, same strain as first 2 ) started off as the runt and is still shorter than the others and is still in a smaller pot as I don't have the room for another larger pot :( she is growing really well now and has shown me that coco can definitely support plants in smaller pots quite well, something I will use to my advantage next grow

This is a different strain to the previous 3 ... these guys started with the bottom leaves yellowing which was either nitro deficiency or PH lockout from me not knowing what the fuck I was doing :p. You can see my bad watering in the plant growth progression itself, with the yellowing bottom leaves, the super dark green leaves in the middle and normal colored leaves coming from the top now that I think I have the nutes dialed in .. she is telling the story of my grow haha

Now this one has been the worse affected out of all my gal's .. I think I was not watering this plant properly which caused big ph and deficiency issues ... she is starting to bounce back a little now ... but I have seriously considered pulling her out for the other plant in the middle ... still considering it now ... but it so hard to just kill them after you have put so much effort into them haha.
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I run a small tent like you. Be glad they are short and stout. When you flip them to flower they can gain about 2x the height from when you flipped. We don't have a lot of headroom in these tiny tents, so topping and training is the way to go. Looks like you're off to a good start. My first grow I did 5 plants laid out like you have yours. Since then I've dropped back to 4 and even that gets cramped when things get moving.



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I think I have the feeding down now, the plants have really gone nuts since I feed twice a day now ... I'm putting 3ml of micro and 6ml of bloom into 5L of water (which is 2.25ml micro and 4.5ml per gallon for the USA readers) , and every second feeding I add 1ml of cal mag for the entire 5L (I was reading the back of my nute bottles and found they have exactly the same amount of cal and mag as in my cal-mag) ... plants seem to be loving this schedule ..

my runoff PPM's are within 200-250 of the nutes. They are above what I'm putting in, I put in between 650 and 750 PPM (my tap water is at 270) and getting out like 800-900, and the PH is pretty much spot on at 5.7-5.9 across all 5 plants.

If the runoff ppm keeps creeping up I will maybe flush with low PPM once per week .. I would say the runoff PMM's will continue to rise as it is really hot in Australia at the moment and they are probably drinking a lot of water instead of the nutes.

I will post up some more pics in a few days so we can see the changes that feeding twice per day will achieve.
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Just some updated pics ... everything seems to be going well ... I just not 100% sure when to start flowering etc ... I've read a bunch of stuff on it but there are so many different opinions ... but I mostly gathered it has to do with how high you want your plants to grow.

roots growing out the side of my fabric pots

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Hey guys, I think I got my first site of some preflowers pretty early and hard to see ... but it kinda looks more pointy then male parts so I'm thinking female but would like some advice from some experienced growers .. these guys are 32 days from sprout.

Close up

the full image so you can zoom in/out as you wish (CTRL and scroll up/down, will zoom in and out)


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If your not sure whether they are male or female and it's hard to tell by that last picture then I would put them into flower. They all look healthy with great cola spacing!
yeah I took so many photos and didn't get many that were clear because it was so small hahaha, yeah was planning on putting them into flower within the next few days, not sure if they are all female or what yet ... and I was trying to do a bit of research about flowering and the nutes and stuff ... like backing off the nitrogen and pumping up the bloom nutes


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I ended up with 4 females and 1 male which i have now removed

Ordered a HLG 135 V2 Quantum board today, but they are on back order so I am just waiting for it to come ... I got the 3k version as the light I have now seemed to work really well for the veg stage and if I need supplemental lighting I can use the light I have now on blue or red for w/e supplement I need.

Plants are doing really well in flower and have shot for the sky .. I will post up some pictures tonight
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