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My current grinder is metal, has a magnet, has 3 chambers and is 4 pieces. It is a Sharpstone (brand) grinder and cost $50. It has a clear top so you can see it being ground up. It's a cool feature. It is a quality grinder and hasn't given me any issue over the last 2 months. Easy to clean and has a very smooth operation to it.


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Metal Grinder

Made by Infinity three stage grinder it has a screen in it and bottom chamber to collect any crystals after grinding... cost around $30.00 CDN


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I've seen some metal ones on fleabay that are as little as about £7.50 ish, so is that likely to be quite low quality do you think? It sounds like a good idea to have the chamber to collect the crystals.
They are probably cheap small ones for that price.

Mine is made by infynity its a 4 piece grinder.

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