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Help my weed plants are dying


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Help pleasee :( Hello i have 11 white cookies i got from crop king seeds and they are about two and a half weeks old and i walked up to check on them and water them and the poor plants was all tipped over and has light brown spots over the leafs and the stems got super small :( Idk what to do and i dont want to loose these plants, ive never seen something like this before

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Do you have drain holes in those buckets? The soil looks like it doesn't drain very well and has a muddy look to it. Cannabis need o2 in the root zone to effectively thrive. They look to me like they are overwatered, probably due to poor drainage.

I would take a drill and drill about 50 holes in each bucket. On the bottom and around the bottom half around the circumference. If you plan on transplanting these to bigger pots, make sure to mix in an agent that will help with drainage, such as Perlite, Vermiculite, Coco, etc. For example, I use FF Ocean Forest and mix in 25% Perlite to "lighten" the soil and help it drain better.


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What type of soil are they in? Also that one plant looks awfully stretched out and spindly.....what is the direct sunlight situation? You should add more soil to bury a good part of the stems if they are still alive......


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Also do you have a fan running. They need air movement or the stems will be weak

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That's alot of stretch how much light are they getting? Looks like to much water, not enough light...

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