Herbshuttles Indoor Coco Coir Purple Kush Grow

Just trimmed up everything and jarred them yesterday. Stems were snapping (not off but making a crisp snap). The smell is amazing already, however it felt like the more I trimmed the more sugar leaves appeared until there wasn't much left at all. Airy, loose and leafy buds. It made me want to leave the sugar leaves on. Some were nicer than others and looked fine though.

The humidity in the jars are all around 50%. Thinking about getting one of those packets to add some humidity in there
The Boveda packs would make humidity maintenance a lot easier. Me, I just burped my jars and the two humidity meters ("hygrometers" I guess you call them, properly speaking) were down to 56% to 58%, so I just tapped my wet fingertips on the inside of the lids leaving little droplets behind. That usually adds enough water to get them back into the "cure" range. A Caliber Mk IV is a great tool to have at this point. You can get them at Amazon.

As for "larfy" buds, I'm 99% sure that in your case as in mine that results from a less than optimal amount of light. If you want championship buds, ya gotta crank on da photons! My White Widow buds aren't bud of the month quality, but they are perfectly adequate and more than potent enough to make me stupid(er). ;)

And BTW, I made tincture from just the sugar leaves of an earlier grow and it is plenty potent, so frosty leaves count!

In any case, congratulations on taking a grow to harvest! It took me decades of dicking around with half-ass grows of Mexican dirt weed seeds in the basement, back yard, and county park to get where you are now. I think that once you've had a successful harvest, you've got the mojo. Then all you have to do is refine your process. So rock on grower man! Thanks for sharing your process! :goodjob:
Appreciate your kind words and help in your response as always! I'm going to try tapping water in see if I can get it to that optimal humidity ! Don't have the packets right now. I was also thinking the lights as well although maybe also the mites in the soil somehow? Anyways, im thinking about trying out mars LED's for the next grow. Their supposed to have a good red spectrum which is what my viparspectras lacked and is good for flowering. If you know of a better light let me know I'll check it out.
I doubt if the mites made much difference, and I doubt if there's much effective difference between the spectrum from Mars and Vipar. Both are name brands. I think you (like me) just need more light to get bigger, denser buds, and the exact brand won't matter.
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