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hi from blighty - uk


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hi to all u stoners
first time grower with yet more problems looking for expert help with honest definate answers.

set up:
2 x rdwc 20 ltr grow buckets ( black )
1 x 20 ltr rdwc res with water pump ( black )
airstones in each bucket and seperate air pumps per bucket
1.2 x 1.2 tent
greenhouse seed company all in one dry powder nutes
third week into flower 12/12
just started adding quarter ml per ltr buddas tree
tent temp 85 to 89
res temp 65 to 75
ph 6
im in rockwool blocks with clay balls for support in my net pots.
roots look ok but very slightly brown but was told that the nutes could be staining them as nutes are brown when mixed in.
got slight slime touch to the water and air lines in the bucket.
i am also running half ml per ltr dutch master zone ( maybe not strong enough)
1 x 600w mh bulb 1 x 250w son t pro bulb
1 x 5" extract inline fan
1 x 4" air inlet fan
2 x circulating fan
any way i have got these white flakes in my res they look like the scale u get in your kettle but when i get one between my fingers it just disintegrates witout a trace. if you disturb the res water they float about then settle back on the bottom.
i am in my third week of flower and just gone up to full strength nutes a week ago but getting nute burn so i have dropped them to half with the buddas tree.
this appeared about two weeks ago and just seems to be more flakes every day.
i changed my nutes last night getting most of the flakes out but 24 hrs later they are back.
the other thing i have noticed is my ph dropping slowly throughout the week approx 5.8 to 5.3 in seven days
please help asap
kind regards


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Re: hi from blighty ( uk )

:ciao: sirgalot, and :welcome: to the great community here at :420: where we are dedicated to spreading Cannabis and Hemp awareness throughout the world.

Awesome information you have provided to help members understand what you have going on.

One of the absolute best tools for you to start here is a Grow Journal. With a journal, members can find you and subscribe to help you along the way and give support and Kudos. It is also an excellent documentation from start to finish for you. I highly reccomend it, and it's what most of the growers here do. It's easy to start one. Here's a how to:

How to Make a Grow Journal

And If you aren't familiar with how to post pictures here yet, here are some instructions for you:

Photo Gallery Guide - How to Resize, Upload & Post Photos

There is also a great area to post grow questions that is frequented by members here to help out new growers. Here's the link if you want to take a look and post a question there too:

Frequently Asked Questions

Good Luck, I can't answer the question you have...I'm a soil grower. I'm sure someone will be able to help you on that soon.



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:welcome: sirgalot to :420:. I am glad that you are here. I have done hydro in the past but switched to soil. My grows came out nice but I believe that was due to luck as opposed to skill. I never had white scale in my res. Do you know what the ec is? Are you using real hard water? We have some folks here that are expert hydro growers though. Here is a link How to Grow Marijuana to some very good grow threads. Posting in one of those should get you some answers. Cannafan's suggestion to create a journal is an excellent thing to do. People will look at the pictures and ask questions to help you find problem areas. I hope that you are having a great weekend my friend. :peace: :Namaste:


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In my opinion it's probably not good whatever it is. Perhaps it's only from your water. If I were you, I would flush and clean everything since you mentioned slime.....hoses, stones, buckets, etc, etc. Get some 3% Peroxide to kill the bad germs. I think about 1 Teaspoon in a 5 gallon bucket should do it.

EDIT: Welcome to the Forums.
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