Hi from the UK! - Could use your help with some LEDs please


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Hi Guys,

I'm Dave and I'm a noob to growing. I was researching LED's when I came across the wealth of information in this forum. After reading a few threads I thought that this would be a friendly place for me to learn more about the new hobby.

I found it particularly difficult finding information regarding cheaper LED brands as a lot of the brands mentioned on forums/youtube seem to be either exclusive to the US or not around anymore and certainly not accessible to me in the UK.

So, to the setup so far:
4ftx4ftx6ft tent
5" rvk fan with 6" carbon filter attached for outlet
4" rvk fan for inlet
plagron allmix
root bags

beginners mistake: 1 x Wappa, 1 x vertigo (auto), 1 x Mexican Sativa, 1 x ruderalis indica (semi-auto) and 1 x either cambodian or jam sensi... and yes I now know I shouldn't have gone for all different seeds, but they're about 6" tall now and I don't want to start again. I figured I'd just experiment this 1st time and use it as a learning experience and not be too upset about yield.

I managed to get all the above for what I think is a good price (£200). the final thing I've been researching is my lighting and my eyes are finding it difficult to cope with reading screens most the day trying to find the best bang for my buck without getting fleeced. I've got an absolute max budget of £300 and I definitely need to go the LED route due to other means producing too much heat.

I've been in-touch with Mars who recommended the mars2 1200W or the reflector 192. They seem okay, however, I'm not fully convinced as I've heard that 1200w lets out a lot of heat.

I would really appreciate any of your suggestions on where to go.

thank you

PS, I hope I haven't broken any forum rules with my post, if so please tell me off and I won't do it again.
Hey dave welcome to :420: from another UK person

I dont have any experience growing with LED's but I have seen good things with the MARS lights. Hope you get an answer though!

Also do start a journal, great for a bit of banter and great to get help with any issues and we all get to see more lovely plants growing :)
Hey weedman79 and welshpony... Thanks for the replies!
I can't pm at the mo... Need 50 posts for that :(

Is there any specific part of the forum you think i should take my query too?

This place is so big and im too unfamiliar.
Welcome to 420Mag Dave. I have a Mars II 1200. Great light. The heat difference between it and my hps is vast. With active exhaust it is easy to keep the tent around 85°F, not so with my hps. Check out the sponsors link in my signature, plenty of led companies there to jump start your research. Also stop by The Roost when you get a chance, it has photos and notes on my first grow with the Mars.
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