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How can I tell whether my drooping plant is overwatered or underwatered?

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Grow Journal of the Month: May 2020
Hey how do I know if I am under or over watering? I am new at this stuff... rooted clones are in 4" pots and I can see a few roots starting to emerge from the bottom. Currently I am giving each plant about 60ml every day but I am not sure if it is enough... Should I be soaking them once a week?
Sounds like you need to up-pot if roots are coming out the bottom. I'd transplant into 3 - 5 gallon pots at this point.

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Grow Journal of the Month: May 2020
A moisture meter from home Depot guys. It's a cheap way to save lots of time and dirty fingers.
Most of the cheap moisture meters aren't any good. I've tried several. I personally feel that you have to buy a good one like a Blue Lab Moisture reader if you want one that's accurate. But they cost $100 +. Therefore, I use the pot weight method which works great when growing in soil.

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Grow Journal of the Month: May 2020
If most people would consider their 1st grow as a learning experience & not expect a lot out of it they'd be better off.
This is the time to learn by just watching your plants & see how they react to different things. They can find a lot of useful info on the Grow Weed Easy site. It's not a Forum; but an info site that you can find out all about pests, diseases, etc. & how to remedy each thing. I've used this several times to identify my plant problems. Read this stuff & you will gain a ton of knowledge. It covers everything to do with growing. Then you can bring your knowledge to the table & help the new guys out. I've only been growing about 3 years but the knowledge I've gained from that site & the help from the pro's on this site has taken me from 2 oz. per plant to a minimum of 6 oz. per plant. Usually, it's more like 8-9 oz. per plant. I know that's nothing great & some of the guys that pull a pound + will laugh ... but hey, I'll get to where you're at eventually. Maybe my new Auto-Pot set up with Air Domes will help ? Here's a pic of my last grow in case you think I'm full of it ...LOL. 1st grow in Coco. Had to put a scrog net at the top to keep the branches off the lights.


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Hey guys, I'm new here.
I come from a country that cannabis isn't exactly legal. I've been medicating for a very long time.
I prefer cannabis over the pills I'm prescribed. Which cost an arm and a leg in comparison.
The problem is always the availability here.

So I've decided to try and grow my own. I've never been successful getting past tiny sprout.

I'm growing in the attic of my house. Grow lights and outdoor aren't really an option for my situation.
I have placed the medium and sproutlings by the window with a plastic over the pot. I have some vermicast coming in the mail.

I live in a tropical place with plenty of humidity, currently at 56% with no drastic changes.
The spot i had placed the pot is by the window where it can get plenty of mid day sunlight.

I'm trying to research good tips and food for my soon to be plants. All I've been seeing are fertilizers and food specifically for cannabis. Unfortunately I have no acces to such products. I was wondering if anyone can recommend generic store kinds.

I'd appreciate any advice to help me get to the harvest stage of my grow.


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hi @Kublai

for starters head over here and post up an intro.
lets folk know you are here and will alert others to help you figger the place out for the first few days.

also read through the last link in my sig. great stuff for new members and will help with your questions,
finally, start a grow journal when you are ready.

welcome to the 420 fam.. :welcome:
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