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How is the attitude towards legalization now in Colorado?

A year since the last post? Thinks have changed...we don't have to seal our MJ in anything leaving the dispensary. They usually just put it in a labled plastic med container and put that in a sack. The prices I saw above are terrible! I never see them that high! As a Med consumer I pay about $35 per 1/8th and $25 per 1/8th where I have 'membership'. Also, Med consumers are allowed 2 ounces whereas Rec consumer can only possess 1 oz.


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The DOC are getting pissed cuz they don't get there kick back $ on give pills to people that dont work. other then that its great. No drama here in our state other then that. Im sure the electric company's are getting raises lol they are getting 600 a month from me :bravo:
Until I read this I hadn't even considered what the legalization of cannabis will do to the grid. I hope some bright minds are planning ahead.
Let me tell you a sad story. I participated in a COPD new drug study and it about killed me. It lasted 4 months and I lasted 2...had to drop out because I either got the placebo, or the real thing that didn't do it's job. Anyway, the drug company thinks they're being generous by paying us to do the drug studies, but in the end you lose all that money plus a whole lot more if you like the drug and want to buy it.

I would give my eye teeth to participate in an MMJ study for COPD. Where they give us the RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) and see how we do. I hate that we are in the infancy of all this...where research is not allowed we can't know much of anything.


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Absolutely!! Making your own oil takes an enormous amount of plant material and a certain amount of quality variation is bound to come into the picture without stringent quality control. Evidence suggests we could all benefit from using RSO. This shouldn't even be debatable. It should be public policy.

Why must we take so freaking long to evolve?


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I enjoyed reading this thread a lot and am very happy to hear this system is working out for the people of Colorado.
The growing limits -6 veg and 3 flowering, is this enforced in any way? Do people have to, at any point, declare that they are growing, or bend over to be registered in any way shape or form?
If not - :thumb: good for you guys. Sounds like legalization to me.
No, Weaselcracker, those limits are only enforced if/when a grow of a large size is located without the proper "paperwork". Any legal adult can grow without having to declare their grow or register it in any way. We are totally legal here in Colorado. We are even trying to remove the limits of smoking in public this election go around and treat it like alcohol/tobacco, if you don't want it in your establishment, you are welcome to forbid it.
Okay, are you ready for another sad story? Here I am in legal Colorado. But...I live across the street from a school so I can't grow my own. Boo-Hoo!!!! How can I get that school to move?

I have another a question for Colorado people. It's my understanding that we become "Members" of a dispensary when we give them the plants we were allotted so they can grow them. Then we get benefits for that from the dispensary...like reduced prices on their weed. But what if we find out after we've given one dispensary our plants that another dispensary will give us better benefits? One dispensary told me we could change which dispensary gets our plants every 30 days. Is this true and can you tell me more about 'membership' in these dispensaries?
Well, I was wrong about not being able to grow MJ because of the school across the street.... so here it is 3 years later and I still haven’t grown anything. But may still one day. :)

Colorado prices are very good and getting better by the day...I think because we have so many dispensaries. Anyhow I can get an 1/8 for $15 where I’m a member and an ounce for $65. I can get the joints for $4.50 as a member and that’s a gram of bud. I like to buy the grams just to try out different strains. I don’t smoke this stuff...I take it outta the joint-wrap and vape the bud. :)
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