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I need some help determining sexes of plants


Hi y’all.

I need some help identifying some of these plants sexes. I have them labelled down below 1 thru 5.

1, 2 & 4 I’m having a hard time. Are those female tissels or is it turning hermie..?? ‍♂

3 is definitely male..... however the seeds I got were feminized MASTER KUSH..!?‍♂

And plant 5 is from the neighbour next door.... can’t tell either. Not sure it’s the culprite cross pollinating the feminized that I have



2 and 5 , hard to tell, but looks like brown hairs? which if where white would defo look like pistols, any better shots of them. look female anyways.
1/4 look fine
3 get it gone lol
The male has been pulled out and discarded. I guess there are no guarantees when buying feminized seeds.... the MKF were free. However when buying 20 seeds and tossing in some mixed seeds for free doesn’t compute with me. Then again i am still a novice in all of this. Still learning :ganjamon:

We’ll bee keeping an eye out on the others in the next week or two. I will do my best to keep you posted.
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