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Alright, so i know I'm new and am open to any and all help and comments, feel free to hate, cuz it will just make me happier in the end. So ive got 7 oaksterdam clones, 3 kryptonite 4 goosh, they're about 5 weeks old, ( at my house) vegged for 3 weeks, am now beggining week 3 of flower, I have used no nutrients up until yesterday when I watered with bpn three part, and liquid blue, I'm in ffof soil, kryptonite are in 1 gal pots, goosh are in 3 gal pots, I've got one 4' t5, with one 6500k bulb and 3 2700 k bulbs, also have 2 42 watt cfl on side as supplementary lighting, no bugs yet and no problems, soil p.h. runoff is at 6.7, I don't have a computer only a smartphone , can anyone advise me on how to post pics for this journal? Forgot, lst the fuck outa these bitches too, can't wait to figure how to get pics up to get some feedback
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Hi all, see that I've had views but no followers, I would really love some feedback... So I'm now in week 3 of flower, forgive my last post, I had my dates mixed up... , so far the bpn has shown nothing but promise, I only wish I would of started nutrients sooner... But o well, first timer. So I'm going to try n upload more pics.. lemme know how u guys feel.. thank you
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Sweet local genetics! My co-worker just pulled his Gush plants a few days ago. Woah, that smell of black liquorice, it's so unusual. Try out the Double Dream or Hindu Skunk next time!

Make sure you have plenty of air circulation around the plants. Kryptonite can be powdery mildew susceptible.

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Ya they're just starting to have a little hint of licorice to them, thank you because I had thought they were spelled goosh... You corrected that, and also thanks for the heads up on the kryptonite too man, hoprfully you'll be following along to harvest...
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Hey what's up, so after thanksgiving here... Smokin and realisd j need to update this... So here it is, everything is goin fine.. bpn are awesome!! Thank h cory, one of my kryptonite are really light green right now, teying to flush with ph balanced water.. to no avail... Any advice? Post pics in a few
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https:// https://www.420magazine.com/gallery/data/500/IMAG04161.jpg[/IMG
[IMG]https:// https://www.420magazine.com/gallery/data/500/IMAG04065.jpg
Sorry for some of the picture quality... Shitty phone.. so the ones that are light green are in 1 gal pots...
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It is hard to tell from the pic what is wrong with the yellow plant. what is the soil ph? and how much have you been feeding her? If I get a close up, I can help better. Also, have you been letting the soil dry out really well in between waterings....that is sooooo important.
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Not sure the p.h. of soil... Ph tester is broken or somethin.. water every 3-4 days, and I always always let the soil dry out before watering again... I'll take some close UPS in the morning, but its lights off right now... Also wondering about the hairs on some of the buds turning brown already...? Any input on that?
Looking good man I'm in the second week of flower my self ...noob to indoor grow also and I'm lst-n da shit outta mine too ... I need to know how to post pics also from my iPad shit would help toohope Thers a way... Girls lookin phat
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Solo bud, at the top of the browser you will see where it says gallery, you can upload pics thru that, i olny use my Droid... No computer ...lol, never really needed one, I go to work and come home....lol
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Hello all.. need some help here, got the yellowish plant and also noticed that about 30% of the hairs are already turning brown!! Is this ok, its only doing it on the gush strain...
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Without knowing the soil ph, that is tough to diagnose. Have you looked for any bugs? Try and catch some of the water that drains from the bottom of the pot to see if there are any root aphids or something in the soil. It could also be a pathogen but I would start with soil ph first.
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What are root aphids? Gunna google it now, but never heard of them before... And as far as i can see above ground there is no bugs...
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