Total 1000W CFL Auto Grow

Thanks max glad to have you here.... So quick one is filling out a little, what am I looking for to be ready to harvest? I got a jewlers magnifying glass

From what I read it depends what you want out of it. If you like couch lock lots of amber trichomes. If you like to be up with a head buzz very few amber. Trichomes need to be cloudy not clear.

I plan on taking some buds at low amber and leaving other buds for lots of amber and labelling the jars. High amber will be a bedtime blend
You'll all be loving the update photos today then.
Pictures don't do this any justice it's really packing on the buds and I can't believe how close they are.... I'm hoping if they fatten up like QuickOne is we are going to be having a decent yield...

Many (2 failed) attempts at trying the rockwool cube technique that LEDRF uses I have decided to give up until I run some trials. I'm going to be doing this within the next few weeks with some bagseed that I have.

Now we have Auto Euphoria by DutchPassion in germination and she will be going to 5-gallon smart pot (the fabric bag) with coco/perlite mix. I'm hoping for happy plant.
Nothing possible without the help from all of you!!!! Thanks again all!!!!

I say exactly the same thing all the time. When we started this adventure, i never expected to be able to snap a few pics and have some of the best growers in the world step into my garden and offer their help and support.

Incredible world this :420:
Krypt, I'm so sorry that I haven't stopped by this awesome journal before -- I'm going to go back to the beginning and try to catch up, but just wanted to give you mad reps for your bud porn :) That's a beautiful, beautiful plant.

Thanks, but no need to go back and see my rookie mistakes. :thumb: Just watch I'll start a new journal as this new Euphoria starts.
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