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Hey guys and gals it's camo here. Many of you have seen me following your journals well I'm finally about to start my very 1st grow but I hope with everything I've read and learned I can have a great grow and maybe contend for a monthly award. I will be posting pics of my setup and give a few visuals once I have the area setup. I am going to put a description bellow of strains and grow equipment and I want everyone to give me there 2 cents ! ;) ;) I want a poll of what everyone thinks I should grow due to I am growing in a 3x3 area.

What strain is it?

Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages?each percentage is different, first 2 are indicas, last 2 are sativa.
Is it in Veg or Flower stage?SEED stage
Growing in a 3x3 tent
Coco/perlite so hydro soilless medium
I will be growing in 5gal/20l airpot, 5 gallon liquid buckets and maybe a Walmart bag to compare each growing pot.

Size of light? 2 LED 150x3w 11 band spectrum with switches and another 300w galaxy for flower to just really get the wattage up there ! So total that is 450w+450w+300w=1200w. That not being actual draw power tho. ;)

Is it aircooled? There is no air condition but I do have a 8in fan that is very powerful with power control and a carbon filter for my tent to help with smell. BUT this grow will be inside a house air cooled & heated to stay between 69-76F at all times.

Temp of Room/cab?will find out once I get everything together.
RH of Room/cab?same
PH of media or res?same
Any Pests ?none as of now
How often are you watering?I will water every other day and then when larger everyday. Or depending daily with the seedlings.
Type and strength of ferts used?I will be using floranova bloom for the entire grow using the Lucas formula.
Recharge for bennies.
Armor si
PH up & down.
Calmag by botincare
I have a bluelab ph/ec/ppm meter in the mail on the way.

I already started the thread as I'm still getting things together for this reason. I want to know what you guys &gals think I should grow first !?!? I have 4 choices, I don't think I'll be able to grow all 4 in this little 3x3 tent.
If you think I can grow all 4 strains in 5 gal buckets let me know!
So just comment on what strain you think I should grow and how many plants I should grow 2-4? Thanks for your thoughts.
CHOICES: NORTHERN LIGHTS AUTO by vision, WHITE WIDOW XXL by dinafem, JACK HERER AUTOS by I can remember who ;), or DARK DEVIL AUTO by sweet seeds. All purchased by supporting sponsors.
1st in and subbed! Excited to see you strut your stuff! I bet we have the same LEds. I would gear an LED grow to be between 79 and 83 degrees F.

They will cover that area pretty well I would think you will get 2.5 x 2.5 of awesome coverage and the extra to the walls of the tent at slightly less. Just keep turning the plants.

I would either grow one plant under each light or go for four but keep them smaller. If two big plants go for 10 gallon softees as final if four then go with 7 gallon softees.

And for watering soak heay then wait for them to be almost fully dry in veg. In flower dont wait for them to be fully dry.
Hey shiggityflip ! It excites me that your exited about being first subbed to my journal. Thanks for your input it is greatly appreciated ! See I was thinking with the 2 or 3 leds in there that would create enough heat to raise it to the 78-83F yeah flip I think I would be good with 1 led for my area and I got 3, that's just in case I have to send in repairs and I'm sure they won't need any extra light :) :) :) I'm glad your in here since you have the same lights as I do.
Well what do you think I grow 4 plants in 5 gallon/20 liter bucket? OK I will water t like that, I will water around the sprout to make tap root go to bottom of soil like our buddy atrain

Can you go to my grow when you click on my sig?? It won't pull up when I try to click on it.
I'd try all four in smaller containers: 3 gallon air pots or smart pots would do it. If you need to stick with the 5 gallon pots because you already have them, I'd go for two of the strains (if you want to try LSTing or topping) or 3 of the strains if you want to leave them natural and apical.

I love all those strains (although I haven't grown them all) so it depends on what kind of medicine you're looking for. You could pick the Dark Devil (because it's pretty and indica-dominant) and then the Jack Herer for a more sativa-like high. Or the White Widow for a great hybrid or the Northern Lights for a indica dominant.

What great choices!
So you have a 3x3 and 2 leds that draw 260w. Sounds pretty good to me.
4 big ones would be good for that space I expect.

If you want a pound then pick high yield strains. And get every single thing right ;-)

More talk later. Busy trimming over a pound myself :cool:
GG you say dark devil and Jack herer in 5 gall on pots? Sounds good thank you for the Canadian insight.

Hey OG if I could get a pound that would last me a while !! But would be awesome. I have the medium down pack I think and the lucas formula as well

hey shiggityflip I only have 3 leds but for my small grow area I think that is plenty! So you think I should do all 4 in that 3x3? One strain in each bucket ?

Hey kushtie I put the 4 choices in the first post, NL, WW, JH, DD?. What do you think?

What's good mb5200, yeah I'll have to come check you out brother.
So I have some bad and good news, my 2 150x3w 45OW LED came in today so I will be unpacking here soon and updating picks. I'm trying to upload pics soon of strain desceiptions. Just looking forward to what would be the best for the space avaliable in the 3x3x5'3 !

The bad news is my coco & perlite order didn't come in and got canceled because they were out of stock where I ordered the coco online. It freakin took them 5 days to tell me ! So now I have to find a decent place that doesn't kill in shipping to get some coco
Strain wise I would do northern lights and dark devil for the first ones and honestly if this is your first ever grow do 2 ladies and take your time and learn everything you can its a lot easier to make adjustments and stay on top of problems. Ease your way into it and you will enjoy it more. Ive done 30+ plant outdoor grows on the farm and its damn near a 2nd job staying on top of all the girls lol.
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