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Hello all first time grower here, I've read a little bit about growing and I continue to read journals. I hope to have some assistance alongside this first grow, I'll do my part and provide details and quality photos of the grow throughout. I'll be starting with just 1 plant, being I'm only going to grow Auto I'll be planting another a week or 2 into the grow. At the moment seeds are on order (the vault), tent is also on order (4Lx2Wx6H). I'll be doing this grow in a closet (tent in the closet), so there are no outlets inside. I want this to be a fire safe and permanent thing as the gf is going to grow vegetables in there at times. That being said, I want to know what's the best way to get enough power to the room? I don't want to just tap into a wire and overload a circuit or run extension cords outside into the room from the closet because then it can't be hidden..... All that accounted for I'll be using 1000w of CFL lighting.

3 100w CFL 6500k (69 actual watts)
4 100w CFL 5000k (92 actual watts)
2 150w CFL 2700k (84 actual watts)
(Was going to do 20/4 light cycle through the the whole grow.... Thoughts?)

Roots organic Buddha bloom
Roots organic Buddha grow
Advanced Nutrients sensi Cal/Mag

FoxFarm OceanForest 80%
Perlite 20%
3gal pot (I've read autos don't like to move pots so go from seedlings to final pots correct?)

1x Quick One Automatic Feminized
5x Auto Sweet Tooth Feminized

I will upload pics of everything I have and the closet tomorrow. All advice is greatly appreciated I plan on doing some LST as yield is something I care about. I'm going to use CFL for another 6months or so I'm looking into LED but I want my lamp to be perfect so I'm doing plenty of research on LED. Thanks again to anyone who helps!
Good Luck! I'll be tagging along for the ride if you don't mind! I veg my babies with a mixture of led (marsII 700) in one tent (3'x3') and a mars reflector series 96x3watts and 4 cfl's @ 23 watts each (actual) 6500k in my other lil closet (approx. 2.5' x 3') running 16 hrs on and 8 off. And no its not a misprint. Not 18-6...I run 16-8 because I feel with the dark period it gives me beefy strong plants in about a two to two and a half months of veg period with alot of lst, bending, shaping, topping, and getting the canopy spred out as much as possible before going into flower. Usually 3-4 plants in a 3'x3' tent. But am always interested in the small closet, cfl grows! Wishing you the best!
Keep in mind that you're actually using less than 300 watts with the cfls, not 1000, so you shouldn't be running into any power overload problems.
It will be most efficient to wire in an outlet or two to the closet, of course. An easy job for anyone who does electrical work, and nothing suspicious about getting a couple outlets put in.
But failing that you can use an extension cord safely enough. Just get a high quality one, and go heavy gauge (thicker). If you feel comfortable drilling holes through the walls you can run the extension cord in to the closet that way, and route it as much as possible along the base of the walls, possibly tucked in enough to be hidden. That's really a second best option though as it's never going to be as discrete or tidy as having dedicated outlets. Is there any power above the closet? Can you go through the ceiling to tap in to power?
Speaking of holes in the ceiling and walls, what do you plan in doing for fresh air?
Yes I understand the power I just want it all done to code.... Really what I want to do is run wire for an overhead light in the closet maybe even run a switch to it, leave the wire long and I'll pull it into the tent. Run most of the lights on that, then have outlets, prefer 2 in the closet and I'll get nice extension cords and run into the tent for the fans. I want to have the overhead wire on its own breaker (prolly 10amp) and the outlets in the wall to be on their own breaker..... Fresh air I'm not trying to hide the smell as I don't have neighbors so I'll pull in from the room most of the time and it's winter now so plenty of cool air, if heat becomes an issue I'll pull the floor carpet back and cut a hole in the floor and pull inlet from the crawl space. (Really cold). I might get more CFL lights I'm trying to just use CFL and go semi cheap for the first few grows so when I upgrade to hid or led I'll know more about growing and see the difference the lights do.....
Sounds like you've got a good grasp of the situation then. :thumb:
I can't really help you with the subject of autos because I don't really grow them. With lst on autos, I do hear of people training them, but get the feeling it has to be done carefully. They don't live long enough that they can afford to be slowed down in growth.
There are so many helpful people here that can cover any possible issue you have. It's hard to come up with general advice, easier to tackle specifics.
Have you found this area? It's invaluable
How to Grow Marijuana Everything You Need to Know

Let us know what soil choices you have. Definitely the number one factor to start, as plenty of people start out in crappy soil, and have crappy experiences as a result...
No I'll look through there thanks that looked helpful....

I'm going to go with happy frog or ocean forest 80% the other 20% perlite and I'll be germ in paper towel probably...... Then seedling directly into the final pot... I was thinking 3gal pot advice? It's auto flower first grow.....

Btw the room (not the closet but the room) is about 55-60 degrees I'd say. I have the heat shut off to that room and sealed the room off so it will stay cool for this grow....
Sounds good. Careful with that ocean forest soil I hear it's a bit rich for seedlings. Not being a soil grower I can't get too deep into giving advice on that either, lol.
well the CFLS dont really make too much heat so play with it, also get some reflective material to put around your walls. ocean forest is kinda HOT for new life I'd try mixing roots organic 707 in with it as well as your perlite. you can go full strength foxfarms when you transplant and you wont need to feed for 3 weeks after you transplant.

Ive used those nutes before and they work great as long as you keep adding mychorrizae in with every other feeding :)

If you can get another CFL I would get get the 200W CFL grow lights, they work a LOT better than the small ones. the cfls you have are going to lank out your plants really bad. The Feliz blue and reds are GREAT for CFL growing @ 180W a piece, plus you can reflector it.

Feliz Blue Fluorescent 200 Watt 6500K | 50% Off Discount Hydroponic Supplies
I think you want to look for a seedling starter mix for the first stage- something low in nutrients. But I think I'll let the soil guys give you advice on that one. I use sunshine mix- peat moss/perlite.
I need to get mychorrizae then?

I'll get this roots organic 707 and maybe go from seedling to this and perlite in a small liter pot then go to ocean forest and perlite in the final pot? Thoughts?

I'm in a closet growing but I have a tent....
Amazon: MILLIARD 48" x 24" x 60" 100% Reflective Hydroponic Mylar Grow Tent with Window


Thanks for the light idea I'll get a few on order within the month....
For seedling soil I use straight roots 707, I pre-treat with Mychorrizae and a light 5ml per gallon ratio buddha grow/water dampening to enrich mildly before planting, I barely put in half a cup of that solution for 2 gallons of soil. but just mixing the soil 40% FF/ 40% unfertilized soil ( no N-P-K on the bag) and 20% perlite and your good to start out, I only repot once (and i would only once with your auto), mid way through veg, I go from the ones im using in my grow up to 2 gallon. (I like to veg longer)

Is that a true 200watt from 1 light? It's not down rated at all? Also I was told that style of CFL is wasteful as anything facing the top won't be used.... I planned on having 4-6 up top the others around the sides and different angles. Planned on trying to LST first grow I've read up on it.

I have decided to get 1 bag perlite, 1 bag FF OF blend, and 1 bag 707. I'll put seedlings into small pot 1gal with the 707/perlite blend... 2-3 weeks of veg then put in the 3gal of FF/perlite blend. Does that sound good?

Any recommendations for Mychorrizae? Idk where to get this at.
May i suggest. If youre worried about transplanting, put a small cup in the final pot, fill with ff soil around the cup then remove it, add seedling mix into the hole where the cup was.

Looks like a fun, interesting ride. Subbing in:byebye:
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