Kinda odd thing on few plant lower bottom leaves


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Hello, I do need some advice from hidden master grower out there to resolve my long time question about some symptom my plant is currently going through.

your guidance is greatly appreciated.

For my indoor plant crown royal, I am at week 3 since flipping. Since from day one, I have noticed that few lowest leafs of the plant are having discoloration at the perimeter of leaf as well as there are tiny black dots at those spot if seen via microscope.

Does any of you know what the hell are they and how to resolve the issue?

Please advise,

Thank you!

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Thrips or mites , three weeks now to figure out how to get rid of them . Do you have a good fan on them plus they like warm temps .
Thanks for the tips! Yes, I just have cranked up the fan cfm to max! I will work on find insecticide (something organic as I am in flowering stage) and then applying them throughly for all leaves.
Any advanced tip would you advise?

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