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Kismet Goes Gonzo For The Kind


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Very impressive Kismet! Don't get tangled in all those cords and strings Spiderman! Hope the new lights will do wounder for you. 800w, now you are really cooking.

That press looks awesome! Nice hash pieces coming out of it, what does one of those coins weigh? :hippy:


Grow Journal of the Month: April 2020
Very nice coins there @Kismet. If I may though, that darker color you got from the cooked ryot box hash is really what you’re looking for. If you want to take the quality of your coins up a notch, you could fill a wine bottle with hot water and roll them out thin, then fold them back on themselves. If you do that until they look smooth, you’ll have pressed all of the trichome heads together and your hash will get better with age.

you should check some of the talks by French cannoli. He’s a master hash maker.


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Ok so. Talking about AN's nutes again. Um everyone is frosty entering into week 8. Seeing crystals glinting back at me almost blinding. Think maybe this is the closest you can get too a soil grow/hi brix without the fungus gnats in other mediums? Idk maybe PW can speak. Know he's been down this road before. The hype the promises? After it all boils down. Pleased. So that's all i got. Will i run An forever? At least til the bottles run dry . :laugh:
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