Medijuana - DIY Cabinet, Perpetual Grow, Airpots, Soil w/LST

i grew these medis i got from ams seeds. back in 2009. i had three similar phenos, and, one in particular, tasted like rich coffee in, and great caramels out. i had issues with nanners on mine. but, it was great and potent smoke. not the greatest yield. i was new. wish i still had some. i did buy sannies "herojuana", but none of them had hardly any taste at all, nor was it as potent. i think sannie tried to impoove on motorabels strein, and failed. it looked different. longer leaves. and, the medis were all shortish, wider leaves. and purple hues to them. i am wondering, if anyone got the same taste as i did, of this medi? i sure liked it. but, i did not like the hermi issues....
This exact thread inspired me to give this a try. Since, I've grown a handful of other strains and did one more of these in coco. Huge yields and very potent. My wife and mother (I don't partake) describe the smoke as "average". By average, they don't mean quality. They mean average as in, "everything you expect from marijuana blended together". They love it. It is this or Maui for my wife. Thanks for bumping this, it's the first thread I ever read.

Bass... If you're still out there, Peace!

A Bassman inspired Medijuana...

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